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Tommy Dreamer rescheduled cancer procedure to work for WWE

This is what you call dedication. But whenever you have the motto, “put wrestling first” there are sure to be plenty of questionable choices in your life. Tommy Dreamer is the hardcore legend and he recently proved just how hardcore he really is when he recently told a five-year-old story on Edge and Christian’s Pod Of Awesomeness.

“I go to the dermatologist and it turns out that I have skin cancer and it was the bad kind,” Tommy Dreamer said. “So I’m like ‘what are you gonna do?’ And they said ‘we gotta take cells out’ they scrape it and they get the results. And when you hear that you have cancer it really does hit ya hard. So I’m hardcore and I can beat anything in my mind I’m like ‘alright, now what?’ ¬†You know you get scared.”

“I go, I wait my month now here’s where I have to say: ‘what is wrong with Tommy Dreamer?’ At the same time I’m supposed to get my skin cancer WWE calls me and tells me we have to go back — they want me to come to Philly for the Slammys and I’m like ‘okay, wrestling first.’ I go calling up my up my doctor’s appointment and going ‘hey I can’t do this’ and they’re like ‘uh okay, well we actually have an opening the next day’ — alright we’ll see where it goes.”

“So I go, I do the thing and I actually — I got jumped by The Shield it was kinda their first thing going together I guess. And so right away I’m pitching an idea that I really wanted to work with The Shield because I saw a lot in them just as much as WWE did and I figured hey, it’s a good way to get some steam on these young kids. And I was able to go get my thing cut out of my head and that was also where The Shield had posted they ran me into a door and then online I was posting pictures of ‘hey look what The Shield did to me,’ all this stuff. And that was actually because I was able to get my cancer cut out of my head and it was real, real big it was like a softball on my head and even WWE officials top brass was like ‘hey what happened to you?’ And I was working them, I was like ‘The Shield did all that stuff’ ha ha ha.”

So what would you miss in order to take a job with WWE? If you said anything more serious than a cancer procedure, then you might be able to hang with someone like Tommy Dreamer.

If you use any portion of the quotes in this article, please credit E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness¬†

  • Omar

    That is just him being STUPID and SELFISH. There was nothing good or endearing about that story. That kinds of “Wrestling First” mentality only benefits the promoter and his ego, not his family, not him and not his fans.