Triple H Allegedly Ripped Off AEW Star

WWE veteran Triple H has been using Ace Crusher early in his career before switching to his iconic finisher, ‘Pedigree’. ‘The Ace Crusher’ / ‘Diamond Cutter’ move was also used by Diamond Dallas Page, who is currently signed with AEW. The WWE Hall of Famer had reached out to ‘The Game’ and asked him to change his finisher, and he did change it.



Jim Ross reveals how Triple H had reacted

Speaking about  HHH on his podcast Grilling JR, Jim Ross lauded ‘The Pedigree’ move and he stated that it could be applied to anybody of any body type. Conrad Thomson asked if it was true that Diamond Dallas Page had called up HHH and asked him to use a different finisher. Ross said that The King of Kings agreed to change his finisher because he had confidence in himself:

”He has confidence in his own game. He knew that there are a lot of other finishes he could come up with that would not identify him with somebody else. With all due respect to Dallas Page, he was not a household name at that point,” said Ross.

Conrad Thomson and Jim Ross also lauded ‘The Game’ about how easily he had agreed upon the change and did not create a problem.

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