Triple H comments on talks of a new title

There have been some recent talks of a secondary title for the NXT UK brand but it seems that Triple H believes there is no need for the same at the moment.



The Game recently took part in a media conference call where he talked about NXT’s USA premiere and other brands coming under the NXT umbrella after the show’s TV debut.

When asked about a possible secondary title for the UK brand, H said that he doesn’t see the need of an additional title right now but he is not opposed to the possibility in future either:

These brands are constantly growing and they’re constantly being evaluated for what’s needed. I don’t see the need for [an additional singles title] at this time. I know that’s been speculated a lot about because, I don’t know, somebody put the idea on the internet, I think, and then everybody just ran with it. I don’t necessarily see it at this time but I’m also not opposed to it, and maybe very shortly down the line, that is an opportunity.

Triple H also talked about 205 Live and NXT UK brands moving under the NXT umbrella and revealed that stars from both brands will appear on USA Network.

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