Triple H Permanently Removes Star From WWE Raw

WWE Chief Content Officer has seemingly sent Veer Mahaan back to NXT. The powerhouse has been away from programming for several weeks. He was one of the pushed acts on Monday Night RAW but shortly after the former WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon stepped down from the company, Mahaan disappeared.



Triple H has sent Veer Mahaan to NXT

Mahaan has been moved to NXT and a photo recently surfaced which saw him and Sanga forming a tag team. The duo wrestled at tonight’s NXT live event in Citrus Springs, Florida.

Mahaan was previously moved from NXT to the main roster in 2021 as part of Jinder Mahal’s stable but he was pulled off of Raw last Fall to be repackaged. WWE aired months of vignettes teasing that “Veer is coming” and he made his re-debut on the 4/11/22 episode of Raw and dominated Dominik Mysterio. The plan by Vince McMahon was to build him up as a top heel on the brand.

For those who are not aware, Mahaan and Sanga used to team up back in the day when they were known as ‘Indus Sher.’

It is also noted that Mahaan recently sent a heartfelt message to the 16-time World Champion John Cena, praising him for his positive deeds outside of pro wrestling. Mahaan recently  responded to a tweet, highlighting John Cena’s Guinness World Record for fulfilling 650 wishes through the Make-A-Foundation. Mahaan tweeted a quote by literary icon Mark Twain and added that Cena was a “good man.”

Check out his tweet below:

“The two most important times in your life: When you are born…And when you understand why…..You’re a good man @JohnCena,” tweeted Veer Mahaan.

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