Triple H Replaced By Controversial WWE Name

Triple H recently experienced a ‘cardiac event’ after which he had to undergo a procedure to fix the issue. He usually oversees the operations of NXT but it was noted that the new version of NXT won’t be handled by him as Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard will take over.



Kevin Dunn will replace Triple H?

Many of the talents feel that they are “on thin ice,” because they don’t know what to expect. His absence also raised questions regarding their creative direction.

According to PW Insider, Kevin Dunn is backstage for NXT this week. He will “personally oversee” the production. Big E & Hurt Business Reunion Bombshell Leaks

Dunn works alongside Vince McMahon and has produced WWE television for years. He is the company’s Executive Producer & Chief, Global Television Distribution and it seems he will be taking over the duties of Hunter.

“Kevin Dunn is at tonight’s WWE NXT TV taping to personally oversee tonight’s USA Network broadcast.”

It was also confirmed that Triple H is not at NXT today as he is on a hiatus due to the medical issue. We will see how things pan out for the revamped NXT.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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