Triple H slams Jimmy Fallon through his desk (video), Seth Rollins on why he stopped using the Pedigree

Triple H slams Jimmy Fallon through his desk

Triple H stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon while Fallon was in the middle of a “Thank You Notes” segment. Fallon made a joke about Triple H and The Game showed up and slammed Fallon through his desk. Triple H then promoted WWE SummerSlam and you can check it out in the video below.



Seth Rollins on why he stopped using the Pedigree

Seth Rollins was recently interviewed by Neil Docking of The Mirror. Rollins was promoting WWE SummerSlam this Sunday, but was asked why he stopped using The Pedigree finisher. Rollins responded with the following:

“The Pedigree was a part of my life when I was in the Authority and it made sense for the time being, after sealing the deal and beating Triple H with it at WrestleMania, that was a good place to retire it. At the end of the day I want to be my own person, I want to be my own performer, and I want to have a finisher that’s synonymous with me and not with my mentor. I’ve always prided on doing things a little differently and I wanted to bring something to the table that people and fans of WWE maybe hadn’t really seen. The Ripcord Knee as it’s been called recently is something that’s very dangerous, it can come out of nowhere and I think if you’ve seen it in other places, you know the damage it can do. Plus I thought it was nifty that my biggest weakness, my right knee which has put me out of action twice now, has now become my biggest strength and it’s what I use to put my opponents away with. There’s a nice bit of storytelling there as well.”

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