Trump Drops Hillary & Michael Cohen Bombshell

Donald Trump – the man who will restore sanity to the United States, and perhaps the world when he reassigns the only two real genders to – took a stab today at “crooked” Hilary. You all remember her don’t you? Wife of the former US President, Billy Clinton. The Trumpster or bid red, took his personal social media platform, Truth Social today and let the world know what the former First Lady is getting up to. It may not involve drinks at her local country club either.

As per Truth Social, the Trumpster Trumped out: 



Wow, the book just put out by Crooked Hillary Clinton’s attorney, Mark Pomerantz, is turning out to be a hit on the District Attorney and the “weak” case “with many fatal flaws.” Prosecutors in the D.A.’s Office actually quit in protest in that they thought it was “irresponsible” and very “unfair” to “President Trump.”They also felt they didn’t want to rely on a SleazeBag disbarred Lawyer From Hell like Michael Cohen as a witness. IN OTHER WORDS, THEY THOUGHT THE CASE WAS TERRIBLE – A LOSER!

Did you know that anyone can self-publish a book, so that part’s not too difficult. But my trademarked expression kicks in here – “You can lead a horse to a stream, but if the stream has run dry that horse won’t be hydrated” – Ponder that statement. 

Robert Hadley
Robert Hadley
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