Trump Handed ‘Wad Of Cash’ To Famous Mistress

Karen is an ex-Playboy model who claims she had a ten-month affair with Trump back in 2006. She’s one of two women – the other being Stormy Daniels – who allegedly had a relationship with the married multi-millionaire prior to his successful 2016 election campaign.



She recently claimed that she and Trump embarked on a consensual affair, meeting five or more times a month. Their first outing together was to an event in Lake Tahoe in July 2006, where Stormy Daniels claims she had sex with Trump.

She recently spoke to Daily Mail when she recalled how Trump offered her money.

Instead of dinner in the restaurant, Karen claimed they had steak and mashed potatoes delivered by room service in the bungalow where Trump was staying. ‘We ate at a little table in the kitchen area with the TV on in the background,’ she remembers.

”After dinner, things heated up and Trump made his move. I was attracted to him, but it wasn’t like I was looking to jump into bed with Donald Trump, on the first night especially,” she says.

But jump into bed they did, she says. Afterwards, she was horrified when Trump offered her money. ”I was dressed and ready to go, and I saw this stack of cash in his hand,” she recalls.

”I said; ‘I’m not that kind of girl’. He knew he’d made a mistake when he saw how upset I was. He told me I was really special.”

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Barry Russell
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