UFC Woman Leaks Derrick Lewis Dressing Room Video

The woman of every UFC fans dreams, Laura Sanko just may have made dreams come true as she posted a dressing room video featuring herself. Unfortunately for many, Laura was not the one that the video was a main focus on…Francis Ngannou ‘Humiliated’ At UFC 265 In Video.



As we went into UFC 265, Laura Sanko took us backstage to recap what would all be going down for the night. A lot went down indeed as Derrick Lewis and Cyril Gane were about to lay it all out on the line.

As the fight between Derrick Lewis and Cyril Gane started, you already knew that Gane had the upper-hand on Derrick Lewis as Derrick Lewis seemed out of breath from just about the jump of the fight. Lewis tried all he could in the first round, but it was pretty futile as Gane looked as happy as could be as round 1 came to a close.

During the next round we see Gane again in control as Lewis just can’t seem to get any kind of ground or leverage. Gane, while still being relatively new to the scene is clearly looking like he has more time under his belt as he’s landing shots while Lewis can’t get anything of substance worked in. Gane easily took round 2.

As we head into round 3, we knew that something big had to happen for Derrick Lewis. Lewis was able to get a decent clinch in this round and then he hit some uppercuts on Gane, but Gane gets Lewis hurt and Gane just lays it down heavy with strike after strike from the arms and the knees. Cyril Gane gets this one easily as Lewis is defeated by TKO in round 3.


Dustin Schumacher
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