Undertaker Reveals Who Used Steroids In WWE

The Undertaker admitted to using steroids in the past in a new Joe Rogan Experience interview. wrestling-edge.com transcribed his comments.



“Prescription drugs. They started out early on, I’m talking 90’s, they didn’t want people getting pulled over, people finding weed in the car, you would get fined.”

He said the second and third time you failed there were more punishments, including rehab.

“They didn’t realize when you take that away, you are going to drink more, you are are going to take pills. Then you got guys overdosing.”

“Everything led up to the current drug protocal.”

“Our industry has come a long way, they take good care of the athletes now.”

Rogan brought up steroids, and Undertaker said wrestlers felt pressure to look big.

“There was a time where everybody had to be jacked, especially if a guy is 6’8, there was a stigma, you have to be 300 pounds.”

Rogan said, “If a guy like Brock Lesnar comes out and he looks skinny, people are going to be furious.”

Undertaker responded, “That was the wrestler’s mindset, now we’re tested for everything. They test for steroids, they have for awhile.” A co-host said Roddy Piper admitted to him that he used steroids.

Taker added that guys are ‘cut’ now, and then admitted he used steroids in the past. He stated, “I couldn’t get that way when I was on steroids.”

Undertaker said he was still doing regular drug tests when he was under a full time contract.

“Now I’m not a talent, I’m a legend. I’d only work 2 or 3 times a year, this was at the end of my career, I was still under my contract.”

He said that wrestlers had 4 mandatory piss tests and 3 blood tests every year.

He said about past drug use in wrestling, “We’ve had some dark shit.”

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