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Update on CM Punk’s tryout for WWE Backstage, AEW will not work with him

CM Punk

The news of CM Punk trying out for a position at the upcoming WWE Backstage series on Fox was probably the biggest wrestling news coming out of the last few days.

Dave Meltzer provided an update on the situation in the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio and he revealed that the feeling is that Punk’s tryout went really well.

We noted before how Fox has tested out different versions of the show and according to Meltzer, the former World Champion will probably get an offer to join the series.

Since the show will be produced by Fox and not WWE, the Straight Edge Star could accept this offer and it’s speculated that WWE officials would not put up a fight against the decision since it will also keep him away from AEW.

Interestingly, the Wrestling Journalist noted that AEW officials have told them that they will never work with Punk after the former WWE Star thrashed the company during an ESPN interview, saying that they sent an offer for an appearance via text.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Hell… Vince hired Jeff Jarrett back into the company recently, even though Jeff tried to financially hold Vince over the proverbial barrel, and has tried to create a competitor to him twice.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Funny, I thought it was Punk who refused to work with AEW because they disrespected him by making an offer via text.

    Guess AEW don’t want to look like they screwed up, by saying they don’t want him now.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    AEW does not want CM Duck, and good. They don’t need him.

  • CC

    Yeah, look at Bret Hart and all the venom he spat at Vince.
    Hogan testified against him in the steroid trial (although he never said anything damning, that is surely enough to have someone barred from ever returning to your company, surely)
    Billy Gunn and Road Dogg did a whole thing mocking Vince when they were in TNA and did a sit down shoot interview that was far from pleasant.

    There have been multiple other people who have said all sorts of stuff you would think would stop them ever working with WWE again, but Vince will always turn a blind eye to that stuff if he thinks there is money to be made from them.

    Refusing to ever work with someone because he said they sent him an offer by text is pure school yard stuff.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I’d definitely say it makes AEW look far worse.
    Vince has hired people who spent years openly trashing him personally, and his company. He’s hired people who actively sued him and his company.

    It would take a lot more than saying “He texted me an offer, and I was offended” for Vince to blackball someone.

  • CC

    So much sillyness in this article. Of course WWE would not be opposed to having Punk on their books in some form if it keeps him away from AEW, that is a given. Hulk Hogan did far worse to Vince, and WWE still had him back.

    As for the last bit. If saying they text him an offer is “thrashing the company”, and that they want nothing to do with Punk because of that, it actually makes AEW look just as petty as WWE, if not more so.
    Why would you want to never work with a star of his magnitude just because he said he was not happy with being texted an offer? They are making it sound like he totally ran the company down or tried to kill someones mother.
    I would take Meltzers word with a very large pinch of salt here.