Backstage update on the recent confrontation between Dolph Ziggler and Goldberg

Goldberg faced Dolph Ziggler at the SummerSlam PPV this year and he was able to defeat the Show Off with ease at the PPV which took place this past August.



While it seemed like the rivalry between the two stars is over, Goldberg posted a video of an altercation with Ziggler from Las Vegas recently.

This video ignited rumors that the company might be planning to extend their rivalry, however latest reports on the matter suggest that this isn’t the case.

According to report from Wrestling Observer, WWE has no plans to continue this feud between the two and the confrontation angle was done by the stars themselves to get some publicity.

This doesn’t necessarily mean Goldberg will not return to a WWE ring in near future and with the next Saudi Arabian PPV being officially announced, it’s possible that he is brought back to wrestle on the show.

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