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Update on plans for Universal Championship

Brock Lesnar

We noted before how the plans for Universal title were for Roman Reigns to face Brock Lesnar, however, at the time, this was said to be a working idea.

Now in an update Wrestling Observer reveals that the plans have not changed and the company still wants to do a third match between these two athletes.

Though interestingly, it notes that it’s unclear whether or not this match will be taking place at the SummerSlam PPV and there are a number of ideas for the build-up of the bout.

One of the ideas is for the second possible challenger for Brock’s title Bobby Lashley to go against Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules as Kurt Angle announced on Raw, but things can still change.

No word yet on if Brock could hold the title even after SummerSlam but with the storyline they are playing it’s very much possible that he could be kept away from the PPV as well.

  • MindTricked

    Lashley couldn’t get over in his original run, and that seemingly hasn’t changed. Man has zero personality and questionable mic skills. If ANYONE needs a mouthpiece, it’s him.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    While I like the idea of Lashley vs Lesnar, it feels too soon. Lashely needs to hit his stride and doesn’t seem to be that over with fans since his return…

    If they are looking to get the belt off of Lesnar, it could be interesting to have him lose to either Reigns or Lashley, and have Monster in the Bank cash in immediately.