Video of Undertaker working out

While at this point it’s hard to make anything out of it, a new video of the Phenom the Undertaker working out has surfaced online, which as you’d expect has started all kinds of rumors.



The video as seen below at number 3, was posted by none other than Taker’s wife Michelle McCool from her Instagram account and the Deadman is seen lifting weights in it:

It’s no secret that according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer WWE has Undertaker vs John Cena match planned for this year’s edition of WrestleMania.

The latest update he gave on the situation said that the company wants people to keep guessing about the possible WrestleMania matches so any angle involving them are not expected to begin until after the Elimination Chamber.

The Undertaker last appeared on WWE Programming during the Raw 25th Anniversary episode where he cut a mysterious promo, leaving more questions than answers.

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