Vince McMahon Banned Star For Leaving WWE?

The former WWE star Ahmed Johnson recently revealed that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had warned him about his future in the company after he asked to leave the company in 1998. Paige Stuns WWE Fans In Red Hair Photo



Vince McMahon told him that he would not rehire him

McMahon has rehired several WWE stars in the past but in the case of Ahmed Johson, the WWE Chairman did not want to rehire Johnson after the former Intercontinental Champion requested his release. While speaking on the LI#1 Pro Wrestling Broadcast, Johnson said McMahon made it clear he may never return to WWE:

“No, I have never, ever called him [Vince McMahon] once [since leaving WWE]. I had a sick family member and things weren’t going great in my life, and I just felt it was time to step away. [Vince McMahon’s response was] basically what he says to everybody, ‘Well, if you leave now, I don’t know if I’ll be able to take you back,’ and things like that,” he said.

Ahmed Johnson worked for WWE between 1995 and 1998. The highlight of his career came in 1996 when he won the Intercontinental Championship to become the first African-American holder of a WWE singles title.

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