Vince McMahon ‘Banning’ Daniel Bryan In AEW?

WWE star Daniel Bryan’s contract status is still up in the air. Though it has been reported that the deal and expired after his match on SmackDown last week, but there is still some good chance that he might renew his contract with WWE.



Where will Daniel Bryan next join?

Bryan has been a free agent for about a week now and he is yet to announce where he is planning to go next. Being a free agent he could work for any promotion now.

It was recently noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Daniel Bryan could arrive in AEW next week if he wanted to or even at Monday Night Raw. Paul Heyman Leaks ‘Bad’ Daniel Bryan

It has been also told that if there was not pandemic the  he could even compete at the next Tokyo Dome show.

It read:

“He could show up next week on Raw. He could legally show up next week on AEW. I actually think if we weren’t in a pandemic situation and without the quarantine issues that he’d probably be wrestling at the Tokyo Dome show, but we are. He’s free to negotiate with everyone and WWE was trying to sign him before the deal expired and that door is still very much open.”

As it has been reported earlier, WWE is planning to offer him a lucrative deal which could keep him away from signing with the rivals, AEW.

But the former WWE Champion had expressed his desire to work as a part-time wrestler and this condition is aslo to be agreed upon by both the parties. We have to see what outcome arrives and if Bryan reveals his plans regarding his future.

Dave Meltzer said on’s forums that WWE, Triple H, and Vince McMahon can’t ban Daniel Bryan from using Yes, but they could on shirts, “No, WWE can not ban fans from chanting “yes.” Nor could UFC ban WWE from doing so. Could they ban marketing of “Yes” t-shirts. You’d have to ask a lawyer but I think they would try.”

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