Vince McMahon Blames WWE Name For AEW Loss

Vince McMahon is known to live life on his own terms. The boss really does not answer to anyone but himself. Nothing seems to stand in his way and when something does, he expects to trample all over it. Sadly for Vince McMahon, this was not the case when NXT and AEW were put head to head to see who would come out on top. Triple H Saved Top WWE Star From Firing?



In a recent interview, Chris Jericho spoke up about how WWE made fun of AEW to the point where they made it so the two would be going against one another. WWE and Vince McMahon thought that this would be an easy contest, but it proved otherwise.

Chris Jericho stated: “What I think it is, and once again, I can say this just from observing, is that NXT was put on Wednesday nights, obviously that’s to combat AEW, and we’ll wipe out this ‘pissant’ little company right away. Problem is they had no idea what they were dealing with. It really backfired on them. NXT was so cool.”

Jericho closed: “You guys would go do your weekend shows and get three times the reaction in a sold out arena than the pay-per-view would get. So then when they put NXT up against AEW, it really hurt the brand to where you lost the cool factor, and AEW was the cool one. NXT just got steamrolled, and I think, as a result, Vince kind of holds a grudge against NXT. You had the chance to beat AEW, and you didn’t. Now I’m going to take over, and I’m going to do it my way.”

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