Vince McMahon Outraged At ‘Broke’ Wrestlers

Vince McMahon is WWE’s Chairman and oversees everything that goes on in the company, right to the very last detail while Triple H is currently the COO of WWE and he is also a veteran in the world of professional wrestling, having competed in several great matches and countless memorable moments during his time as an active in-ring competitor in the company. Roman Reign’s bold message to Vince McMahon was also leaked recently.



The world of professional wrestling is certainly no stranger to GoFundMe crowdfunding pages, as they start for a variety of reasons quite often. They are made by individuals who are going through a difficult time and require financial assistance from fans during their time of need. It seems WWE does not approve of this idea.

Friday Night Smackdown Star Baron Corbin currently has his own GoFundMe page, but it is not a real one as it is used purely for storyline purposes. During the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about Baron Corbin’s new storyline on Friday Night Smackdown and added that it might be due to internal feelings in WWE backstage regarding their views about GoFundMe pages.

“I don’t think they like the idea of wrestlers doing GoFundMe accounts with the idea that he cheapens wrestling, and of course, if they took better care of their wrestlers, at least the ones who wrestle for them, wouldn’t have to have that issue.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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