Vince McMahon ‘Pulls’ AJ Styles For Bad Reason

WWE Vince McMahon had kept the WWE Raw Tag-Team Champions AJ Styles and Omos away from Monday Night Raw since their win at WrestleMania 37 against The New Day. AJ Styles & Omos Sad WWE News Leaked.



Why did Vince McMahon keep AJ Styles away?

It is understood that Styles and Omos have been kept away from Raw because Omos have been given more time to train. The star is still upto the mark in terms of in-ring presence and he only no sold The New Day’s attack.

Cagesideseats (via WOL) recently reported that one of the top stars like Styles is out of WWE programming because not much has been planned in creative aspect alongside his partner, Omos.

It read:

“He (Brian Alvarez) also said that everyone is available to be used on Raw and everyone who has been missing is simply because they haven’t had anything written for them. That would apply to the Raw tag team champions, AJ Styles & Omos.”

However, the newly crowned champions recently made their first appearance as Raw Tag Team Champions on the latest edition of The Bump when they revealed that the reason of being absent on Raw was that they were busy partying in Nigeria. AJ Styles ‘Bullied’ Fired WWE Stars

As announced by them, AJ and Omos are set to return on the May 3 episode of WWE Raw.

Styles said: “We’ll be back next week and ready to party. In the ring. Not in Nigeria.

It is believed The New Day (Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston) would get their WrestleMania rematch when the champions return but Omos has a different opinion.

He said: “The New Day have to earn the right to face us again. They’re old news. Get to the back of the line. They’re not even on my radar.”

It is to be seen how things roll for them as they make their comeback to the show.

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