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Vince Russo says WWE and AEW are ‘in bed together’

AEW Double Or Nothing was a huge event and to many it was a huge success. Vince Russo is keeping tabs on AEW’s progress and he has an interesting idea.

While it is known that AEW came to be due to Tony Khan’s initial desire to sign CM Punk first, but eventually decided to work with The Elite, Russo claims that WWE and AEW are working together. Here is what he said:

There’s NO QUESTION that @WWE & @AEWrestling are in bed together–NONE. Several things don’t add up. When you look at the entire picture it becomes evident.

This is yet another controversial statement from Russo, who is no stranger to controversy. It is hard to believe this claim as AEW has take big shots at WWE during Double or Nothing. Also WWE mentioned AEW during this week’s RAW.

  • Soulshroude

    All this and, yes. Thanks for that, Keith.

  • Springtraining

    Actually the 9/11 was proved to be an inside job and the engineer who proved it ended up disappearing so….

  • Keith Learmonth

    I agree completely. Russo’s a moron who had some ideas that were controversial enough to pull viewers in. In 1997-1999. It’s been 20 years since his last good contribution to wrestling.

  • Reality check

    Actually all of the so-called evidence to support outrageous 9/11 conspiracy theories was debunked years ago now. Same with all the JFK nonsense to. Please don’t believe a word that Alex Jones says as he is clearly mentally ill and should be inside a mental institute or in prison.

  • EVH

    actually there’s some pretty clear evidence that points to 9/11 and the JFK assassination being inside jobs, but i dont see any for WWE & AEW being in bed together, other than the talent that is working in AEW right now.

  • I dunno, in that case WWE has been fairly “Russo’d” for some time now.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I was a big WCW fan and I always has blame Vince Russo for the death of WCW. I thought he has no respect for Pro Wrestling and when he took over it was worse then when Eric Bishoff was in control.

  • Darrin Tyler

    He’s on drugs.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I never like Vince Russo he done nothing since leaving WWE. Here is what I think of WWE and AEW it will be a friendly having a little fun compition.

  • Reality check

    I think that anyone who believes that WWE and AEW are in bed together need to take off there tin foil hats and get out more. These people that believe in these stupid claims probably also believe that the earth is flat and that the government carried out 9/11 and killing JFK. ZERO evidence for all of the above .

  • CC

    A broken clock is right at least twice a day … so yeah, every now and again Russo’s crap will turn out true.

  • CC

    The day anyone believes Russo, is the day people stop using the term “Russo’d” for any company being written badly.

  • CC

    Unless I am wrong here, if someone leaves before their contract is up, it is a 90 day no compete clause, not 30. If their contract expires, I don’t think there is a no compete clause.
    Goldust is a funny one as he did ask for his release, so not sure on his deal.

    Legends contracts are kinda weird as we have seen many “legends” appear for other promotions over the years.

  • Symbiote_X

    Just trying to get subscribers to his podcast.

  • Soulshroude

    Good Call on all accounts, yeah. Which is why Vince Russo should not be believed, unless there are readers out there under the consignment of “conspiracy theorists”. Don’t ever put it past them, or give them a line to fish for.

  • Keith Learmonth

    A few notes:
    1: No compete clauses don’t count at the end of contracts, only when someone leaves before the end of the contract term.
    2: Jim Ross isn’t under a “legends” contract, and has regularly worked for other companies even when he was.
    3: I don’t think WWE could legally claim a copyright on the throne, as the iron cross emblem and skulls are pretty generic and public fair use.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Who cares what Russo thinks?

    I’ll bet you that even if he’s right, which he almost certainly isn’t… his method of getting the right answer is completely wrong, and the only reason he’s right is sheer dumb luck.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch


  • Soulshroude

    I would agree with Russo on account that:

    1. Cody took shots at HHH’s throne, which could be a “copyright” infringement value of a trademark, thing.

    2. Dustin Runnels, announced his “departure” date of April 21st 2019. The Double or Nothing P.P.V. was on May 25th, cutting it very close to the 30 day no compete clause.

    3. Jim “J.R.” Ross is a WWe Hall of Famer and now works for AEW. Which in itself is strange that the WWe would allow any of it’s “Legends” to work for different companies, based on their “Legends” contract clause(s).

    4. We all know that Tony Khan is the owner of the Jaquar’s, so he has the money to make the company, yeah. But, there is no telling what type of “back stage influence” anyone from the WWe has with him, other than what “conspiracy” offers.

    5 Jon Moxley… when did his contract expire as “Dean Ambrose”? Again, cutting it very, very close with his last match being on April 21st for WWe’s RAW. He made his debut for AEW at the D.o.N. venue on the 25th of May, this is very close to any type of 30 day no compete clause.

    6. Sami Zayne: Scripted or not, DID mention AEW in his “Electric Chair” segment that was cut from the actual segment itself. WHY!?

    7. Cody Rhodes keeps telling his audience that “he may have burned the bridge” between himself and the WWe because of a few incidents, including the destruction of HHH’s throne. Could he simply be hyping the AEW franchise as a new contender, or is Vince Russo full of sh*t?

    Welcome to the Rumor Mill, where everything is probably, nothing is absolute… most things are speculative and all things are just suppositions. Let the wheel turn, because we’ve got nothing better to do than to become “marks” in this new world of ours and for this new generation, I’ll state for the record that we all live in what is titled as: The Days of Our Lives, As the World Turns, in the midst of All My Children and if we’re not not careful, we could end up in General Hospital or suffer the consequence of being on Maury as “Not the Daddy”. A few of us will end up as the “Bold and the Beautiful” but the rest? Well, we’ll let the “Young and the Restless” decide with their “Guiding Light”. “Never Can Tell…” ~Jack Burton