Vitor Belfort Doctor Leaks AIDS Test Results

David Abbasi isn’t a name you’ve heard of, but it’s a name and a person that you won’t forget after this article. You see, David was part of the medical team that cleared Evander Holyfield to fight and he and his team are getting major backlash as many feel that Evander should have never been able to fight against Vitor Belfort due to Evander slurring words in interviews and going on endless tangents over nothing. Tito Ortiz ‘Rigged’ Anderson Silva Fight Leaks.



As many have stated, Evander Holyfield is not and was not in the right frame of mind which can be seen in videos of the star or just watching back the Vitor fight. David Abbasi stated that the did tests on both stars to clear them both with Evander Holyfield passing those tests.

With the cognitive tests checking out, David Abbasi said that the fighters on last Saturday’s Triller Fight Club Card including Vitor Belfort were tested for hepatitis B and C, along with HIV/AIDS. This is pretty standard as their is DNA being swapped everywhere at these fights from fighting.

Fans are currently disgusted with David Abbasi as one commented on the YouTube video which shows David speaking about Evander: “Just face it, you made the wrong decision. That man should have never been able to box, don’t we know we cant determine the effects of CTE till after death. Florida needs to change something that was ridiculous and comparing Tyson to Holyfield is bullcrap and we both know it. Tyson can speak a full sentence, Holyfield simply could not even do that.”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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