WCW Stars Humiliated By Undertaker Backstage

The former WCW star Bill DeMott recently revealed that WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker had once chastised some former WCW stars due to their backstage demeanor in WWE. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had purchased WCW in 2001 and obtained the contracts of several wrestlers from the company. As one of WWE’s most respected stars, it was common courtesy for co-workers to shake The Undertaker’s hand backstage at shows.



Bill DeMott opens up on The Undertaker

DeMott was among the ex-WCW stars who appeared in the famous Invasion storyline throughout 2001. Speaking on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, he recalled how The Deadman reacted to his new colleagues ignoring him all day:

“At the end of the show we had a couple of guys from WCW, been there half a minute, and they waited until the end of the day until they were in front of him to say hello.” DeMott continued, “He cussed them pillar to post. He told them, ‘Get lost, I’ve been here all day. You don’t come to me when I’m walking past you. There’s a way we do things around here.’”

DeMott noted that WCW sometimes felt like “lunatics running the asylum” due to the lack of leadership in the company. When several WCW stars joined WWE, DeMott thought many of them needed to quickly drastically improve their professionalism around the likes of the senior stars like The Undertaker:

“We knew that was the difference [between WWE and WCW]. I’ll get in trouble for saying this, but there was a lot of guys who were professional wrestlers but weren’t professional. They were just pro wrestlers. They had an opportunity and WWE was a big wake-up call for a lot. Even veterans, I think it was a big wake-up call.”

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