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Who could be WWE’s next rival?


WWE has spent a long time without having a proper competitor but with the company’s new TV deals becoming a hot topic of debate, things could change in upcoming times.

Dave Meltzer discussed the current state of pro wrestling during the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Newsletter and talked about the next potential rival for WWE.

He talked about the recent TV Deals the company has made and how it has other companies hoping to land a big contract with any network themselves.

Meltzer went on to explain that a TV deal is the most important money factor for a promotion and the company who lands the next big contract would automatically become the top competitor for WWE.

At this point, the promotions that appear to be in the right place to grab such a deal are Impact Wrestling, NJPW, ROH and MLW but it’s possible that a new player rises up and takes the mantle instead of these companies.

  • EVH

    TNA was/has been the closest since WCW ended.

    During the mid-late 2Ks they had a decent shot of becoming a true #2. Sadly Hogan arrived and undid everything that was good and they never recovered.

    As said in the article, it’s all about the TV deal, if you land a deal with one of the major cable sports networks (Fox, CBS, NBC) you have enough $$$ to be able to sign some top notch talent. As it stands right now, it would take promotions like Impact, RoH, NJPW all pooling their resources and forming a “mega” indy promotion to even have a chance.

    Or someone with money investing on a “name” promotion with a long history like NWA and repeat what Ted Turner did in the 90s.

  • Rinn13

    Gotta love when the fanboys come out of the woodwork.

  • Mike the Ike

    You would need a TV-14 product that wasn’t afraid to prostitute out their women to Playboy like WWE did with Sable, Chyna and the rest and you’d need a billion dollar bank account. Signing people like Christian and Foley the way TNA did would not work. You would need to sign away someone like Rollins or Reigns. I don’t think that will ever happen.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    There will never be another rival to WWE. WCW was and will only be the one WWE is to big right now. Even there future has never look more brighter. An I was a WCW fan who love the WWF growing up but WCW was the best rival to WWE. They took me away from the WWE. But I believe when HHH takes over he will run the WWE even better.