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Why Sami Zayn was squashed by Bobby Lashley at MITB

  • CC

    RVD and Benoit were hardly “small” guys. And certainly not cruiserweights, so why mention them?

    As for the past, you do remember how big a deal it was for Shawn Michaels getting over dont you? And the reason for that was before him, smaller guys did not go over big guys. They were relegated to IC titles and tag division etc. That is the past I am talking about. So if you do not know what past I am talking about, maybe you should do a little more digging.

  • rob

    nobody thought it look stupid? it´s not much of an issue about the size, but zayn doesn´t even look in good shape to wrestle a guy like lashley, he´s not very fast or strong, a guy like neville will look good, i, dont what past are you talking about but i was a fan of guys like benoit or rvd and they look good against bigger guys because of his intensity and strenght, zayn dont look like a believable opponent, he looks like a regular dude from the crowd

  • CC

    I thought the reason he was squashed was because they want Bobby Lashley to be considered a tough guy.

  • CC

    So what about Bryan vs Cass? Nobody thought that was stupid because they were in different weight classes.
    The days of a smaller guy being unable to take on a bigger guy is a thing of the past.
    Seen plenty of smaller guys in real life who are tougher than big guys.

  • MindTricked

    Oh, it was? I don’t know what I was doing while this match was on, but I completely missed it. It started, I zoned out, and then the next match was on.

  • rob

    well he has no business wrestling bobby lashley, they are in a completely different weight class, it would look stupid if he put up a fight, that’s why you got the cruiserweight division, he should go there

  • Get well soon

    I hope he comes back sans that stupid beard he has. He looks ridiculous.