WWE Bringing Back ‘Several’ Fired Names?

WWE has been letting go of many people within the company. Not only have WWE gotten rid of some major stars, but they have also gotten rid of major backstage help as well. WWE seem to be regretting their cuts now and may be calling back stars and backstage hands alike and extending an olive branch…Alexa Bliss Wedding News Stuns WWE Fans.



According to a report from PW Insider, WWE do want to bring back more producers as they may have underextended themselves quite a bit when they went crazy with all of the new and past cuts that they had made. WWE now are lacking people who help with setup and live touring situations which they want to get back to.

Right now they are doing a lot of hours of television, but the previous system dedicated some producers for just live events.

Since WWE wants to get back to a normal touring schedule, they now need to refill the positions that were for such events. Many of those jobs were cut due to finances, but some help are now getting callbacks.

Shawn Daivari is one of those people who is back again as a backstage producer and he could be the first of many if WWE hires more people to help out backstage with the growing responsibility.

Special thanks to Ringside News.

Dustin Schumacher
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