WWE Diva Angered By Abuse Accusations

WWE’s The Bump host Kayla Braxton has landed herself in controversy after a tweet. She recently posted on Twitter about punishing children, which ultimately led to her receiving a lot of negative backlash from fans. Now she has decided to fire back at her haters.



Here is what the original tweet said:

“Comment if you were the generation where whoopings were expected if you acted up…or even if you didn’t kids now are little a** holes. I had the pleasure of picking out my switch from the woods out back as a kid. Because of that, now I only drink 1 bottle of wine a day.”

This was misinterpreted by fans and she came under fire. Now Braxton provided clarification regarding what she said in a new tweet. Braxton revealed that it was not about child abuse at all. She says discipline is necessary but it is never right to go overboard with it.

People who are using my previous tweet to say I support child abuse …. c’mon A good ol spanking on the backside kept a child in line. I don’t support anything beyond that. And this is a topic I can speak on. I know very well the difference between the two.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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