WWE Executive Accused Of ‘Racist’ Booking

Former WWE Slammy Award winner, Ahmed Johnson recently appeared on a newly released edition of SK Wrestling’s UnSKripted with Dr. Chris Featherstone. During this podcast, Johnson told SK Wrestling’s Riju Dasgupta how he believes former WWE writer and iconic professional wrestling manager, Jim Cornette allegedly had racist viewpoints during his time in the company how how, in Johnson’s opinion, Cornette didn’t believe black people were not ‘championship material.’ Johnson stated the following on the show. This WWE executive recently reacted to midcard talent trashing creative.



“I can’t cuss on this show, so I won’t even tell you. No, his afterthoughts were; he definitely thought blacks weren’t champion material. I wish he would (tell Johnson about his views). There would be no more Jim Cornette. He is one of those guys who talks behind your back like a coward.”

One person who does have far more better things to say about Jim Cornette is renown former WWE manager and superstar – Melina. While appearing on the partsFUNknown YouTube channel, Melinda stated that she holds Cornette is very high regard.

“Everything was great! He always had wacky ideas and everything. I love Jim Cornette! I know he gets a lot of heat but, I mean, look, I get a lot of heat too! But the thing is, this is what I believe is the beauty of learning under Jim Cornette. He thinks outside the box. Super-creative mind. When it comes to wrestling, do I want just regular, “Oh, this is what we do?” No crazy? Or do I want the out-there, outside the box, larger-than-life personality type to teach me. To me, his teachings helped a lot. Especially for me when I was super introverted. There was this one time where he screamed at me. I’ll never forget it. But it got me to start thinking. He just said that I stood out there with MNM, at the beginning, and he was like “What are you doing out there? Are you just gonna stand there?!!” I was like (crying) “No!”” This big name was ‘pulled’ from his match at WWE Fastlane.

Credit to SportsKeeda for both quotes.

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