WWE making another major change to PPVs

The announcement of dual-branded PPVs last month had started many rumors and people have since been wondering if it means that the special events will be even longer.



Now it appears that we have a confirmation on this, as both Pwinsider and Wrestling Observer are reporting that the PPVs are expected to be at least 4 hours long, starting with Money In The Bank.

The base of these reports is the fact that WWE has reached out to their international distribution partners, informing them that Money In The Bank next month will start at 7 PM Eastern.

Not only that but most cable providers and PPV distributors have reportedly been informed that most shows will run from 7 – 11 PM after the recent changes.

Though all this does not factor the new TV deals of the company. According to reports, after the deals are in place, the TV Shows will be more profitable than the PPVs and it would be interesting to see how that affects the special events.

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