WWE Male Star Humiliated In Women’s Dressing Room

WWE Hall of Famer The Great Khali had a great run with WWE. He has been featured in multiple movies. In 2005, WWE Hall of Famers Kevin Nash, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Great Khali worked together in the movie The Longest Yard. While filming the movie, the three wrestlers were training at a gym in New Mexico when the Indian wrestling legend had an embarrassing incident.



Steve Austin reveals an embarrassing moment of The Great Khali

In an old interview, The Texas Rattlesnake detailed the incident which saw The Great Khali accidentally enter the ladies’ dressing room.

“I remember one time we were at the gym there in New Mexico where we were filming that movie in Santa Fe and all of a sudden it was me and Kevin Nash and Khali, and all of a sudden you hear a bunch of screams and the women all come running out of the bathroom and the dressing room. And all of a sudden here comes Khali walking out behind them with a sheepish look on his face a little grin. He had walked into the ladies dressing room and didn’t know it,” Austin said.

Stone Cold disclosed that the former World Heavyweight Champion was very embarrassed.

“So, anyway, he [The Great Khali] was all embarrased as hell and of course he didn’t speak real good English, but he could speak English because me and him had many conversations. So I just walked up to him looked up in eyes, patted him on the shoulder and said, ‘hey big man, next time take me with you,” Austin added.

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