WWE NXT ‘Malfunction’ Leaks

WWE NXT star Cameron Grimes is known for saying he is going ‘to the moon’ as his self-made everyman persona has captured the hearts of the NXT Universe and sports entertainment fans around the world. However, he truly took the phrase ‘to the moon’ almost quite literally during his match against L.A. Knight during tonight’s Great American Bash edition of WWE NXT. This fired WWE NXT employee recently leaked this paycheck



The match was a loaded one that saw Grimes take on Knight for L.A. Knight’s Million Dollar Championship – if Grimes lost the match he would have to become the personal butler of the incumbent champion. While Grimes lost the match and the weeks to come to should be embarrassing enough for the top WWE NXT star, it is what happened during match that was absolutely truly embarrassing for Grimes.

During the match Grimes was rolled up by Knight, in which Knight grabbed the tights. However, in an obvious wardrobe malfunction, Knight grabbed too much of Grimes’ tights, causing the Grimes to ‘moon’ the Capital Wrestling Center and the sports entertainment audience at home.

Over on Twitter, fans reacted to the match itself with generally positive comments with one Twitter user named @JustInTime211 stated: “Cameron Grimes and LA Knight was outstanding. This feud has played out perfectly. It’s gotten Grimes over as an uber babyface and Knight as a phenomenal heel. With Cameron Grimes as LA Knight’s butler it just gets even better seeing where this is gonna go.”

This top NXT star came out as bisexual last month. Yet, it was the wardrobe malfunction that everyone seemed to want to talk about as another Twitter user named @Kelly_Button proclaimed: “I saw the moon!” While @DripGawdRollins added: “Cameron Grimes took the whole to the moon thing seriously i see, he just mooned everyone in the CWC


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