WWE NXT on USA Results (6/17/20) Winter Park, FL

Welcome to Wrestling-Edge‘s live NXT Results and coverage as WWE’s black-and-gold brand returns this week at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida for the June 17th, 2020 edition of NXT On USA.



Tonight’s WWE NXT on USA Network has two massive tag team title bouts headline NXT this week! Headed over from RAW are Women’s Tag Team Champions Bayley & Sasha Banks as they return to the black-and-gold brand to defend their titles against Tegan Nox & Shotzi Blackheart. Plus, Imperium will put the NXT Tag Team Titles against Breezango!

Featured below are results of the June 17, 2020 episode of NXT On USA written by Wrestling-Edge‘s Newest Female Reporter: Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.


Show Opening

As the show kicks off, we see a video package highlighting the matches that are scheduled for the June 17, 2020 edition of NXT on USA Network.

“Earlier Today”

We catch a glimpse of Women’s Tag-Team Champions Bayley and Sasha Banks walking towards the arena where they are set for a match-up against Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox later tonight!

Imperium vs. Breezango

We head into the arena where we are welcomed for tonight’s NXT! Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel stand tall at the top of the stage representing Imperium as their music sounds in the Full Sail University arena. Aichner and Barthel make their way down the ramp, climb to the apron where they wipe their feet in unison, then enter the ring where they stand with their title belts to finish their ring entrance.

Out next, we hear an echo of the same music as we see “Emporium” at the top of the stage! Tyler Breeze and Fandango representing Breezango make their way down the ramp, mocking Imperium’s look and entrance with Fandango’s sweatsuit reading “Fabio” and Breeze’s reading “Marcupial” (a mammal born with a fanny pack according to Ranallo).

The superstars of Imperium are not amused by the comedic gimmick as “Fabio” (Fandango) gyrates to finish the entrance as Fabian Aichner. Breezango remove part of their costumes as the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the first match of the evening is officially underway!

Imperium head in full force as soon as the bell rings with Aichner in first for his team and Breeze in for the latter. Aichner maintains control early on. Fandango grabs the top rope, yanking it down to send both Aichner and Breeze to ringside!

Aichner attempts to gain control until Barthel assists Aichner in launching Breeze into the plexiglas while the referee is temporarily distracted with Fandango. The action heads back to the ring where Breeze kicks out of a pin attempt at the two.

Breeze makes the tag as the rope is lowered once again knocking Barthel out of the ring. Fandango’s turn in the ring, as well as Aichner as Barthel gets the tag!

Fandango hits a Tope onto both member of Imperium as we head to the first commercial break of the evening!

As we return from commercial break, Breeze lands a Vertical Suplex on Barthel who then tags in Aichner. Barthel sets Breeze up for Aichner to hit a Brainbuster! Breeze counters with an Enzuigiri. Fandango back in the ring with an Elbow Drop.

Fandango barely slips out of a European Bomb attempt as Breezango land Superkicks on Imperium. Fandango hits the Last Dance on Aichner, Barthel breaks the pin attempt.

Rinku & Surav Enter

We suddenly see Rinku and Surav along with their manager Malcolm Bivens as they head down the ramp and stand at ringside. Before they can do any damage.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch Enter

Next, we see Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch run out to ringside where an all out brawl ensues between them and Indus Sher.

Back in the ring, Breeze attempts to roll Barthel for the pin, but Barthel is NOT the legal man in. Finally Aichner lands a DDT on Fandango for the three count pin and win.

Winner: Imperium

Announcer’s Table

After the first match of the evening, we head over to the Announcer’s Table where Tom Phillips checks in for the first time tonight. Phillips sends us to a clip of an interview with Dream.

Interview – Velveteen Dream

Tom Phillips interviews Velveteen Dream. Dream is show sitting on a “sex couch” as he discusses his disinterest in not being able to challenge for the NXT Championship as long as Adam Cole holds the title.

Suddenly we see Dexter Lumis as he sneaks behind Velveteen Dream and sets a caricature drawing alongside Dream. Dream notices the drawing which shows Dream and Lumus together as NXT Tag-Team Champions.

Dream points out there are inaccuracies in the drawing as he see himself as a singles act, not on a team.

Video Clips – Adam Cole vs. Velveteen Dream at TakeOver: In Your House

We get some highlights of Cole vs. Dream from In Your House as we head to commercial break.

Damian Priest vs. Karrion Kross

Kross lands a Side Headlock on Priest to start things off. Kross hits a Shoulder block, but Priest doesn’t go down. Priest Leapfrogs him, but his lower back gives up. Kross hits a Running Dropkick into the corner and starts clubbing away Priest’s back. Priest lands several kicks for the counter on Kross.

Kross quickly attacks him getting in the ring and goes to the second rope. Kross lands a Guillotine Leg Drop, leaving Priest is in a lot of pain. Kross follows up with elbows to the back of Priest, finally landing in a Chinlock on Priest.

Priest struggles back up, only to have Kross knee him in the back, bringing him right back to the canvas. Priest gets out, but Kross Head-butts him. Priest elbows him back and kicks away at him. Kross quickly hits a Two Back Suplexes before hitting a Swinging Face-Buster for a near fall.

Kross lands a Back Suplex, but Priest shifts his weight to take Kross down. Priest sidesteps an avalanche in the corner and goes down hard. Priest gets to his feet and trades punches from Dain. Priest clubs him back a few times before hitting a Spinning Forearm. Priest then floors him with a Clothesline.

Kross reverses a whip into the corner, but Priest hits a Springboard Forearm for a near fall. Priest hits a Leaping Back Elbow before hitting a Running Back Elbow. Priest backs up and charges, but Kross hits the Divide (Running Cross-Body Block) for a near fall.

Kross gets Priest up in the electric chair, but Priest counters into a victory roll for a two count. Priest hits a Spin Kick followed by the Reckoning for the win.

Winner: Damian Priest

Video Clip – Santos Escobar

We head into a video clip of Santos Escobar.

Escobar erased his legacy and started a new one. He rewrites the history of lucha libre – starting tonight.

Xia Li vs. Aliyah

Aliyah goes to check on the passed out Stone when she sees him during her entrance. She helps him up and brings him to her corner.

An early lock up, and Li powers her into the ropes. Aliyah takes her down and hits a Thesz Press. Aliyah side steps a kick attempt by Li. Li still catches her in the corner. Li puts Aliyah on the top rope and clubs her. Aliyah hits a Tornado Northern Lights Suplex followed by a pin attempt for a two count.

As both women get back to their feet, Aliyah pushes Li a few times. Li jumps to her feet and hits a big kick. Li hits some kicks and punches before hitting a running dropkick. Robert Stone drunkenly pulls himself up to the apron before projectile vomiting into the ring. Aliyah rolls up a distracted Li. Li’s shoulder lifts up, so the referee stops counting. Aliyah then makes the cover again for the win.

Winner: Aliyah

Video Clip – Thatcher

Timothy Thatcher is running a “thatch-as-thatch-can” class in a video. He’s shoots on Eric Bugenhagen with a couple holds, then tells the group that next time the real work begins.

Video – Undisputed Era

Next, we head into an odd video with the Undisputed ERA. Adam Cole and Bobby Fish are in a limo discussing Roderick Strong. They state they are going to get him help, but do it the Undisputed Era way, in house. Strong gets in the car, but they can’t get him hyped like normal.

Kyle O’Reilly is dressed up as a psychiatrist with a weird accent. He takes Strong through a Rorschach test that when they turn it upside down looks exactly like the trunk of a car. It is decided they need to do some “exposure therapy” and take him to the trunk of their limo. Strong seems to be willing, then bursts out in a full run away from them. Cole thinks it went pretty well, but now they need to go pick him up.

Interview – Adam Cole

We return to the arena where McKenzie Mitchell is interviewing Adam Cole. McKenzie asks what Scarlett was trying to tell him with the hour glass. The champ says we’ve seen this movie before and it always ends the same – with him as champ.

At that point, Keith Lee walks up and asks for a moment with Cole. Keith Lee states Cole’s time is running out, but it won’t be Karrion Kross who takes the belt. It’ll be him. He smashes the hour glass and says “Tick Tock”. Cole laughs and walks off.

In-Ring Adam Cole

More commercials, then the NXT champ is out. He’s marking 381 days with the belt, which is why it’s mind boggling to him that people think they can just come up to him and call their shot. It doesn’t work that way, Karrion Kross. He turns his attention back to Lee, saying maybe he wants to become NA champ. And when he does, maybe he’ll hold that title for 381 days, too. Then we’ll have to call him champ champ BAY BAY.

Keith Lee Joins Cole In-Ring

Keith Lee’s music sounds as Lee makes his entrance, but only has time for some gesturing and a staredown when Johnny Gargano’s music hits.

Enter Johnny Gargano

Gargano talks about pinning Keith last week, and his and Candice LeRae’s goal of being the first husband & wife champs in NXT history. Lee asks about Candice, and says when he picked her up last week she thanked him for giving her the most action she’s had in a year. Johnny gets angry as music sounds again.

Finn Balor Joins The Conversation

Finn Balor interrupts Gargano. Balor declares he doesn’t wait in line. He reminds Lee about his challenge from last week, and says it’s a promise. Balor continues on to state he hasn’t forgotten about Cole, calling him a transitional champion,

William Regal Weighs In

General Manager William Regal pops up on the big screen and says he loves this. That’s why next week, we’ll get a NA title Triple Threat between Balor, Lee, and Gargano. And the winner gets Cole in a winner takes all match on July 8.

McKenzie Mitchell attempts to speak with Keith Lee. Candice LeRae interrupts but is then, who’s interrupted by Mia Yim. The two women superstars begin to brawl as we head to the arena for our next match.

Kayden Carter vs. Dakota Kai

Kacy Catanzaro is out with Carter, and of course Raquel Gonzalez is with Kai. It’s all Kayden at the start, but a distraction by Gonzalez finally creates an opening for the Kiwi. The advantage doesn’t last long though, as the Filipina is on fire.

Roll-up nearfall, and another off a neat knee spike DDT. Raquel looks to get involved again, and Catanzaro tries to help but gets dropped face first on the apron. That lets Dakota go for the roll-up. She doesn’t get that, but locks on a crossface and steals a win.

Winner: Dakota Kai


The picture goes to grainy black and white for a look backstage. We see Scarlett examining the broken hour glass, and a nice loafer steps into the shot, crushing some glass..

Bronson Reed vs. Leon Ruff

Leon Ruff makes his entrance looking confident, however he walks right into a Clothesline. A Senton followed by a Splash off the top rope for the three count win.

Winner: Bronson Reed


Auzilla has a microphone and he promptly calls out Karrion Kross, and wants to face him again next week! Reed then carries Ruff out.

Parking Lot – Damian Priest

We head to the parking lot and Priest is visibly upset as his tires are slashed. Cameron Grimes rolls by and laughs, asking if he needs an Uber.

In-Ring – Escobar, Mendoza, & Wilde

As we return from commercial break, Escobar, Mendoza & Wilde make their entrance to the ring. Santos states El Hijo del Fantasma was known as the best Lucha Libre practitioner. But he knew when he got to NXT it was time to end that and start a new legacy on a worldwide platform. His father El Fantasma always told him he was a leader, and he vows to show Raul Mendoza and Jaoquin Wilde how to be leaders. Together, they are Legado del Fantasma.

Drake Maverick Entrance

Drake Maverick’s music sounds as he makes his way out. Maverick then tells Escobar that he tips his hat to for his ability to trick everyone, then says that people tell him he has more heart than brains.

Maverick then heads in for an attack on Escobar, Santos on the defense gets Maverick up, and hits the Phantom Driver him off one table through another onto the concrete floor!

We see Maverick being stretchered out as we head to yet another break.

(NXT) Tegan Nox & Shotzi Blackheart vs. (RAW) Bayley & Sasha Banks

Both women’s tag-teams make their entrances to the ring for tonight’s match up. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins. Sasha Banks in first along with Tegan Nox. Both women trade pin attempts early on, and finally Nox is able to be the first to make a tag.

Blackheart comes in strong, eventually making a cover attempt. Banks kicks out at the two. Blackheart gets another cover, then lets Sasha tag in Bayley. Shotzi and Bayley work a similar pace, but right before a break the champ catches Blackheart with a knee and mocks her wolf call as we head to commercial

As we return from commercial break, Blackheart suplexes Sasha on her shoulders and neck to get a cover. Back and forth action until finally Nox gets the cover on Bayley. The Boss breaks up the cover, and everyone is down. Tegan and Sasha are the two legal women in. Nox looks for a Tandem Banks side steps only to take a drop kick from Blackheart. Banks transitions into a Bank Statement, but Shotzi reverses into Cattle Mutilation!

Looking to make the save, Bayley comes in with a chair! Nox stops her. The referee sees Tegan with the chair, and that lets the Role Model break it up. Banks hits Blackheart with her submission finisher, Blackheart finally taps.

Winners: Bayley & Sasha Banks to retain their WWE Women’s Tag Team championship

After the Match

Bayley and Banks celebrate in-ring when out comes, Io Shirai! The NXT Women’s champ takes out both women, sending them to the floor after double knees. She feints a dive, then stands up for NXT and sends the heels packing!

Final Announcements

Phillips runs down next week’s card (Reed vs. Kross, Priest vs. Grimes, and the North American championship Triple Threat) which ends tonight’s edition of NXT!

That’s it for tonight’s NXT on USA Network! Be sure to check back here at Wrestling-Edge this Friday for WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results by yours truly! Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay awesome… GOODNIGHT!

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