WWE NXT recap & results (10/4)

Billie Kay & Peyton Royce vs Ruby Riot & Nikki Cross

Billie Kay started off the match with Ruby Riot. The NXT crowd chanted “let’s go Ruby” as the two locked up. Billie wrestled Ruby to the mat and locked in an Arm Bar. Ruby battled to her feet and connected with a Dropkick. Peyton Royce was then tagged in and Ruby went for a roll-up for a two count. Riot Body Slammed Royce to the mat and then shoved Billie off the ring apron.



Billie Kay was then tagged in and went for a Clothesline but Riot reversed it into a roll-up for a two count. Kay planted Ruby with a Side Slam and then beat her down in the corner. Royce got back into the match and continued to beatdown Ruby. Royce mocked Ruby for not having a tag partner and then slung her into the turnbuckle.

Billie was tagged in and slammed Ruby to the mat for a two count. Nikki Cross emerged from the crowd and showed up next to the ring with a grin on her face. Back in the ring, Royce was back in the match and had Ruby in a Chin Lock. Nikki hopped up on the ring apron as Ruby Riot broke out of the Chin Lock.

Ruby Riot slowly crawled to the corner and Nikki reached out her hand. Nikki was tagged in and she leveled Billie Kay with a forearm. Nikki then attacked Royce on the ring apron and hit a Crossbody onto Billie. Nikki hit a Scorpion Death Drop onto Kay but Peyton broke up the pinfall. Billie and Peyton teamed up and hit Nikki with a Bulldog and a knee to the face  for a two count.

Ruby Riot dragged Royce out of the ring and then tagged herself in. Back in the ring, Ruby hit a double Dropkick onto both Billie and Peyton. Ruby then connected with a Pele Kick for the pinfall victory.

Winners: Ruby Riot & Nikki Cross

Lars Sullivan was interviewed earlier in the day at WWE’s Performance Center. Sullivan said that he is always in control and gave some advice to Danny Burch in regards to their match next week. Sullivan said that Burch needs to be in control of his fear.

Zelina Vega was interviewed about Gargano’s rematch against Andrade “Cien” Almas. Vega said that Gargano was is still haunted by Ciampa betraying him. Vega stated that she is a puppet master and knows how to play on Gargano’s heart strings. Vega added that she didn’t touch Gargano during his match at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III. Zelina claimed that Almas won the match fair and square. Vega stated that every time Almas defeats Gargano, that will get him closer to an NXT Championship opportunity and then walked away.

Lio Rush vs Aleister Black

Velveteen Dream attacked Lio Rush before the match started. Velveteen climbed to the top rope and connected with the Purple Rainmaker Elbow Drop. Black made his way to the ring as Velveteen Dream slid around on his knees in the ring. Black hopped in the ring and Velveteen Dream rolled out of the ring. Dream then said “hey Aleister, what is my name?” Dream then shouted “acknowledge me!” on the entrance ramp and vowed to make Black say his name. Velveteen Dream then retreated backstage.

Kairi Sane vs Aliyah

Sane got a great reaction from the crowd as she made her way to the ring. Sane was introduced as the winner of the Mae Young Classic. Sane dominated early but Aliyah connected with a Back Breaker to slow down her momentum. Sane battled back and connected with a Spear for a two count. Sane hit a flurry of kicks and chops to Aliyah. Sane continued to dominate and threw Aliyah into the corner and followed it up with a Splash. Sane ended the match by connecting with the Insane Elbow for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Kairi Sane

NXT Championship: Drew McIntyre (c) vs Roderick Strong

The two locked up to start off the match and Drew drove Strong to the corner. McIntyre casually launched Strong into the corner and stood tall in the middle of the ring. Strong applied a Chin Lock and tried to bring McIntyre to the mat but Drew blocked it. McIntyre then leveled Roderick with a shoulder tackle as NXT went to a commercial break.

When NXT returned, McIntyre was still in control and connected with a Dropkick for a one count. McIntyre sent Strong into the corner and connected with a Belly to Belly Throw that sent Strong rolling out of the ring. McIntyre followed Strong out of the ring and connected with a chop that echoed throughout the arena. McIntyre lifted Strong above his head and dropped him onto the barricade.

Strong connected with a kick and then hopped up onto the ring apron. Strong connected with a knee to the face off the ring apron. McIntyre shoved Strong into the ring apron and then dragged him up the steel steps to the ring apron. Strong lifted McIntyre up and dropped him back-first onto the steel steps.

The action returned to the ring and Strong connected with a Backbreaker and a Basement Dropkick for a two count. Roderick hit another Backbreaker for a two count. Strong stomped on McIntyre several times in the corner. Strong kneed McIntyre in the back and then applied the Abdominal Stretch.

Drew battled back to his feet but Strong remained in control for a moment. McIntyre stopped Strong’s momentum by hurling him into the turnbuckle. McIntyre climbed to the top rope and tried to leap onto Strong but Roderick connected with a Dropkick while McIntyre was in midair for a two count.

Strong connected with another Dropkick and went for the cover but McIntyre kicked out at two. Strong hit Drew with a knee and then tried to lift him onto his shoulders but McIntyre escaped. Strong hit an elbow but McIntyre responded by connecting with a Suplex as NXT went to a commercial break.

When NXT returned, McIntyre connected with a Clothesline and went for another one but Strong escaped. McIntyre connected with a big boot and then hit another kick to Strong in the corner. McIntyre then slammed strong to the canvas face-first for a two count. Strong blocked the Future Shock DDT and planted McIntyre with a Fireman’s Carry Slam for a two count.

McIntyre connected with a Pop-Up Spinebuster for a two count. McIntyre perched Strong up on the top rope and delivered a chop to his chest. Strong escaped and connected with an Enziguri. Strong climbed up to the top rope and hit a Superplex on McIntyre for a two count.

Both Superstars got back to their feet and traded chops. The chops turned into punches and Strong got the upper-hand. Strong planted McIntyre with a Tiger Bomb for a two count. Strong pulled McIntyre to his feet by his hair and Drew exploded with a headbutt that knocked Strong to the canvas.

McIntyre crawled to Strong and then lifted him in a Fireman’s Carry and started climbing up the turnbuckle with Strong on his shoulders. McIntyre planted Strong with an Avalanche Celtic Cross off the second rope and went for the cover but Strong got his foot on the bottom rope to break up the pinfall.

McIntyre stomped on the mat and geared up in the corner. McIntyre went for the Claymore but Strong connected with three high-knees in a row. Strong slammed McIntyre to the mat and followed it up with the Sick Kick for a two count.

McIntyre and Strong traded shots on the ring apron. Strong knocked McIntyre off the apron and tried to jump onto him but Drew caught him and Powerbombed him into the ring post. McIntyre brought Strong into the ring and connected with the Future Shock DDT. McIntyre then hit the Claymore for the pinfall victory in an excellent match.

After the match, McIntyre and Strong shook hands in the middle of the ring. Strong said that this isn’t over and McIntyre nodded his head. Cole, O’Reilly and Fish approached Strong on top of the entrance ramp. Cole said something to Strong and Roderick nodded his head. They then walked away and Strong left a moment later as McIntyre shouted “you are better than that!” from the turnbuckle. NXT then went off the air with McIntyre posing with the NXT Championship.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

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