WWE Officials considering to cancel 205 Live

WWE will be seeing a lot of changes in the coming months with SmackDown Live moving to Fox and NXT making its TV debut in the next couple of months.



However, a new report suggests these two programs will not be the only ones to be affected and the company could be making changes to another one of its weekly shows.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, there are many within the company who believe that 205 Live is a failed experiment and there has at least been some talk of the company canceling the show.

Though it’s worth mentioning here that the SmackDown tapings are still scheduled to run for three hours once the show moves to Fox but the show will only be running for 2 hours.

So even if WWE cancels the Cruiserweight Exclusive show, it’s likely that they will replace it with a different program, most likely for the WWE network.

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