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WWE prohibited fans wearing AEW merchandise from entering SmackDown, reversed decision when incident went viral

SmackDown Live

WWE can be a strange strange company at times and this Tuesday was no different. Fans wearing AEW merchandise were prohibited from entering the arena in Jacksonville where SmackDown LIVE took place this week.

One fan took to his Twitter to make this incident public. The word spread quickly and people started talking about the said incident.

As reported earlier, the AEW Double or Nothing Rally also took place earlier in the same city which would explain why those fans were wearing their merch to the SmackDown show.

However, another fan took to his Twitter to reveal that WWE had reversed their decision and was now allowing fans to walk in anyway. The said fan managed to get in the footage wherein the Security Guard who turned him down explains the situation to him.

WWE quickly reversed their decision after the whole fiasco went viral and that was absolutely the right thing to do. However, they still received a significant amount of backlash from the community, justifiably so.




  • CC

    Nope. They have the right to refuse for any reason.

    Not saying they are right to do so, but as it is a private event on private property they have the right to refuse entry for any reason. If it is for something like this, they would more than likely be obligated to refund tickets though.

  • Keith Learmonth

    They weren’t kicked out for what they were wearing.

    They were deliberately drawing attention to themselves, and filming the reaction, i.e, causing a scene. They were both there to promote a product, like Enzo at Summerslam. That’s why they were kicked out.

  • Rinn13

    It doesn’t matter. Anyone who PAYS MONEY to buy a ticket, is “allowed” to attend a show, regardless of what they’re wearing, unless it was incredibly vulgar, or unless they were causing a scene.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    AWE has to be very careful not to get in way over there heads before they have time to grow. WWE fans could very easily not watch there show and right now you need to get there interest and don’t annoy them.

  • Keith Learmonth

    That’s exactly it though. They only threw out two people, and the two people they through out both seem to have official ties to the company. One likely works for them directly, and the other has literally never posted on Twitter since 2016, except a single tweet praising Cody’s match at All In.

    It seems more likely they deliberately caused a scene, got kicked out, then tried to make it look like it was about shirt. The fact that they showed up deliberately filming the security guards indicates they knew what reaction they would get ahead of time. The more you look at it, the more it seems like they deliberately did this to get anti-WWE, pro-AEW sentiment.

    Which is stupid, because to anyone who cares about this stuff at all, they’re probably already in the loop and ready for AEW.

  • MT McGee

    Doesn’t matter what a person’s motivation is when wearing a shirt. As long as they don’t cause a scene like Enzo, a person is free to wear what they want. Maybe if WWE put on a better product, they wouldn’t have people showing up to their events wearing merch for other promotions. Besides, I don’t seem to recall WWE having a problem sending DX to WCW and causing a scene.

  • Keith Learmonth

    It’s also suspicious that the other guy claiming to have been thrown out has not posted on Twitter since 2016, apart from a single post praising Cody Rhodes, until now, all of a sudden, when AEW needs the media attention of being seen as a WWE rival.

    I don’t think people should take this story at face value at all.

  • Keith Learmonth

    The guy they kicked out is one of the guys who plays one of Joey Ryan’s Phallic druids, and seems to have connections to ProWrestlingTees. I’d say WWE was within their rights to assume he was there to advertise a product.