WWE RAW Results & Live Coverage (11/18)

The November 18th, 2019 edition of WWE RAW aired live on the USA Network from the TD Garden in Boston, MA.



– WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch comes out to the ring to kick off the show. Lynch addresses Bayley and Shayna Baszler, and the recent developments with them. Becky doesn’t want to wait until Survivor Series, she wants to fight right now. The Iiconics interrupt and come down to the ring. Becky wants to fight them by herself, but Charlotte comes out to join. Charlotte and Becky briefly exchange words, then Samoa Joe’s music interrupts. Joe will be doing guest commentary tonight.

Charlotte & Becky Flair vs. The Iiconics: Back from the break, we’ve got a tag match. Billie and Peyton attack from behind and they control the pace against Charlotte in the opening moments. All four women brawl in the ring now, and the chaos leads to Flair getting the win via submission after putting Kay in the Figure Four. The ref calls for the bell. Becky also has Peyton in the arm bar elsewhere in the ring.

Winners: Becky Lynch & Charlotte

– After the match, Charlotte and Becky head up the ramp. NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Maria Shafir run out and hit the ring to attack The Iiconics. Flair and Lynch run back to the ring and it turns into a brawl. The fight is broken up by security.

– Ryder and Hawkins are backstage for an interview about their upcoming Title shot against The Viking Raiders. Suddenly the Authors Of Pain appear and they beat down Hawkins and Ryder. AOP walks off with Hawkins and Ryder left laying.

Karl Anderson vs. Humberto Carrillo: Gallows and Styles are at ringside for this one. AJ and Gallows cut a promo before the match talking about Humberto disrespecting The OC. The OC has their Best Tag Team trophy at ringside. Humberto comes out to the ring and this one gets started. Karl starts off with a boot to the midsection, but Humberto fires up and lays into Anderson with strikes. AJ pulls Anderson out to safety for a breather. Humberto teases a dive, but he’s outnumbered. The Street Profits come out to even the odds and they brawl with the OC at ringside as Humberto hits his dive. Back in the ring, after some interference from both corners at ringside, Anderson controls the pace and keeps Humberto grounded. Humberto finally mounts a comeback and hits a moonsault for a two count. Carrillo hits some strikes and hits a crossbody for another two count. Humberto looks for another flying move, but Anderson catches him and plants him with a spinebuster for a two count of his own. The OC tries to interfere, but Ford and Dawksin help, which leads to Humberto rolling up Anderson for the three count.

Winner: Humberto Carrilllo

– Humberto and the Street Profits celebrate and head up to the stage.

– Seth Rollins is backstage for an interview. He talks about Andrade and gives him some props for his in-ring skills, but says he will once again prove why this is Monday Night Rollins.

– Bobby Lashley and Lana come out for Lashley’s match against No Way Jose. Lana cuts a promo talking about filing for divorce from Rusev while Rusev is on an overseas tour. She says she has filed a restraining order against Rusev, and she wants him out of their lives.

No Way Jose vs. Bobby Lashley: The opening bell sounds and Lashley goes right to work on Jose. Jose tries to mount a comeback but Lashley spikes him into the mat. Lashley poses, then he puts Jose in a full nelson hold for the win via TKO.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

– After the match, Lashley and Lana make out.

– Still to come: Kevin Owens vs. Drew McIntyre

– Zelina Vega and Andrade come out, and Zelina cuts a promo saying Andrade is the greatest in-ring technician in the game. Andrade will take Seth Rollins’ spot as captain of Team RAW at Survivor Series if he wins this match.

Andrade vs. Seth Rollins: The opening bell sounds and Andrade and Rollins wrestle back and forth on the mat to a stale mate in the opening moments. They lock up again and this time Andrade gets the upper hand. Rollins fights back and they trade shots in the middle now. Andrade hits a dropkick and some big chops to the chest. Andrade misses a shot and Rollins fires back. They fight out to ringside and Vega looks for a cheap shot on Rollins. The ref sees it and ejects Vega from ringside. Andrade takes advantage of the distraction for a big dive on Rollins. Back in the ring, Andrade and Rollins trade offense fairly evenly until Andrade dumps Rollins out to ringside. Suddenly, the Lucha House Party appears wearing SmackDown shirts, and they attack Seth Rollins on the floor.

Winner via DQ: Seth Rollins

– Seth manages to fight away from the Lucha House Party and he gets back in the ring with Andrade. The Lucha House Party retreats. Rollins and Andrade seem to come to an understanding in the ring, then Rollins leaves.

– Buddy Murphy is shown backstage walking through the arena. He comes to Aleister Black’s locker room door and bangs on it. He yells that he’s here to pick a fight with Black. The door doesn’t open immediately, so Murphy says Black is all talk, and he walks off around the corner. Black opens his door and looks around but doesn’t seen anyone.

– Some black SUVs arrive backstage and Triple H gets out. Triple H starts walking into the arena.

Akira Tozawa vs. Buddy Murphy: This one spills out to ringside early on and Tozawa hits a suplex at ringside. Back in the ring they trade holds and Tozawa hits a German suplex for a two count. Tozawa follows up with the Shining Wizard for another two count. Murphy fights back, but Tozawa drops him again and then climbs to the top turnbuckle. Murphy gets up and meets Tozawa on the corner, but Tozawa kicks him again. Tozawa hangs Murphy over the middle rope then hits a flying senton off the top on him for another two count. Tozawa is slow to get up and he misses a shot, and Murphy fights back with the Murphy’s Law out of nowhere for the three count.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

– We see a short pre-taped promo from Rowan.

– Before the next match, The Singh Brothers run out to ringside, and they appear to be running from whoever is chasing their 24/7 Title.

Rowan vs. Enhancement talent: Rowan comes out to the ring holding what appears to be a cage with a sheet over it. Rowan dumps the jobber outside early on, and he hits a running cross body on him and the Singh Brothers all at once. Back in the ring, Rowan hits the Iron Claw for the three count after a squash match.

Winner: Rowan

– Rowan leaves with his mysterious sheet-covered object.

– Randy Orton is backstage for an interview. Orton says he doesn’t usually play well with others, but he is the greatest wrestler in the history of Survivor Series, because it’s beneficial to him. Orton says he heard the Viking Raiders need new opponents, so he is going to be out there with a mystery opponent who is beneficial to him.

– Samoa Joe is shown still at the announce table doing guest commentary.

Drew McIntyre vs. Kevin Owens: This one is very competitive back and forth in the opening moments. They spill out to ringside and Drew ends up throwing Owens off the apron into the fan barricade. Back in the ring, Drew tries to keep Owens grounded. Owens finally fights back with strikes and he dumps Drew out to ringside again. Owens connects with a cannonball splash on to Drew on the ringside floor. They fight back up to the apron and trade kicks. Drew hits a big Death Valley Driver on Owens right on the apron. Back in the ring, Drew hits a sit-out powerbomb but Owens gets the shoulder up at 2. Drew misses a couple shots and Owens comes back with a powerbomb of his own for a two count. Owens looks for a frogsplash, but Drew gets his knees up to block it. Drew hits the running big boot now and pins, but Owens gets his foot on the rope to break the count. Drew misses a shot and Owens hits the stunner. Owens pins, but Drew gets his foot on the rope now. Owens looks for a superkick, but Drew blocks it and hits a DDT for a two count. Owens comes back and hits another stunner. Owens is almost about to pin, but then Triple H’s music hits and HHH comes out to the stage. We go to commercial. Back from the break, Triple H is in the ring with a mic. It appears the match ended during the commercial break, and we don’t know the winner.

Winner: ?

– Triple H talks about how great it is to be in Boston and in the Garden. He tells Kevin Owens they can make magic tonight. Triple H says he has a soft spot for Seth Rollins because he’s passionate, but Kevin Owens is a different breed. Triple H talks about Owens’ history in NXT and his WWE debut. HHH says Owens was taken from NXT by people who didn’t understand him. HHH says once they got Owens, they didn’t want him anymore, and Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon both told him he didn’t belong. HHH says he knows Owens belongs in NXT. Several NXT stars are standing on the stage, and HHH says they aren’t here to attack Owens, they’re just here to make sure they can talk in peace. Triple H seems to tries to persuade Owens to jump ship to NXT, and he says the other RAW wrestlers don’t give a damn about Owens. HHH trashes the RAW locker room, then several RAW wrestlers run out and brawl with the NXT stars on the ramp. Then the Undisputed Era hits the ring and attacks Owens from behind. The OC comes out and chases off The Undisputed Era.

– Humberto Carrillo is backstage for an interview. Charly Caruso announces that Humberto will get a shot at AJ Styles’ U.S. Title next week. Humberto says he can’t explain how excited he is right now.

– We go to Paul Heyman, who is sitting in front of a black background. Heyman talks about the feud between Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez and Rey Mysterio. He shows us some replays of the various matches and attacks from the feud. Heyman says Brock is 100% fine after Rey’s baseball bat attack on him. Heyman says he heard rumors that Brock is injured after the attack and is vulnerable to Rey. Heyman says they can make this interesting — making Brock vs. Rey a No Holds Barred match. Heyman says he has a spoiler alert – one beast will beat one legendary luchadore.

– Rey Mysterio is backstage for an interview to comment on Heyman’s challenge. First, Rey calls over Humberto and tells him how proud he is making Latinos feel, and he wishes him luck against AJ Styles. Rey talks about Brock Lesnar now and says he just made the mistake of a lifetime. Rey accepts the No Holds Barred, No DQ stipulation match. Rey says he already showed Brock what he can do with his friend, his baseball bat.

– We see a clip from WWE Backstage of CM Punk making his debut on the show.

Natalya vs. Asuka: Kairi Sane is at ringside for this one. Asuka controls the opening moments in this one, but Natalya finally fights back with a German suplex and then a discus clothesline. Kairi Sane gets involved from ringside now. The distraction leads to Asuka kicking Natalya in the head and rolling her up for the three count after a short but competitive match.

Winner: Asuka

– Still to come: Randy Orton and a mystery partner vs. The Viking Raiders

Randy Orton & Ricochet vs. The Viking Raiders (c): The Raiders’ Tag Titles are on the line in this one. Ricochet comes out to be Orton’s tag partner. This one spills out to ringside early on and turns into an all out brawl. We cut to the backstage area where we see several SmackDown stars in blue shirts attacking RAW stars backstage. Back in the ring, Orton keeps Ivar grounded, then Ricochet tags in and hits some kicks. Ricochet misses a springboard back elbow, and Ivar hits a springboard back elbow of his own. Ivar clears house and then hits a dive on Orton and Ricochet at ringside. Back in the ring, Orton drops Ivar and it looks like he’s measuring him up for an RKO, but then the SmackDown theme song hits and SmackDown wrestlers storm the ring. A bunch of SmackDown wrestlers beat down everyone in the ring.

Winners: No contest

– NXT wrestlers run out and starts beating down the SmackDown wrestlers. Now the NXT wrestlers come face to face with Orton, Ricochet and The Viking Raiders. More NXT members come out from the crowd. The RAW wrestlers start trying to fight off the NXT wrestlers as they come in the ring, but the NXT wrestlers overwhelm them. Seth Rollins’ music hits and a mob of RAW wrestlers run out to the ring now and join the brawl. AJ Styles gets beat down in the ring as Triple H appears on the big screen. Triple H says that in 6 days at Survivor Series they will show the world that NXT is the A-brand of the WWE. HHH challenges RAW and SmackDown to bring their best shot to NXT on Wednesday.

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