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WWE releases several superstars


Several superstars have come to terms on their release with the WWE today. We’ve seen many talents over the past year talk about how they feel that they’re not being used properly in the company, and in the past month, a handful of them have openly requested their release.

Hideo Itami thanked the WWE, co-workers, and fans for their support a month back. He wrestled his final match with the company on the 205 Live after the Royal Rumble and has now officially been released from the company.

A few days ago, Tye Dillinger took to Instagram to announce that he had asked for his release from the WWE. He thanked the company for the past five years but felt that this was the best decision he could make for his career. He also thanked the men and women that he worked with over the years and the production/ring crew. WWE made the official announcement today.

Another superstar frustrated with his placement on the card has been former Cruiserweight Champion and the winner of the Cruiserweight Classic, TJP. With the launch of 205 Live, it looked like the company was going to focus the division around Perkins. However, after losing the championship, he quickly dropped to the bottom of the card.

A heel turn would help earn him a few shots at the title down the line, but he never regained the title or a top spot on cruiserweight brand. After months of venting his frustration on Twitter, it seems he may have gotten what he wanted. WWE has officially announced his release today.

These aren’t the only talents to have been released today, as WWE already announced the departure of Arn Anderson today.

  • The Random Reader

    WWE is pissing me off, they released TJP, now i know why some want to go to AEW

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I be very careful if I am a new company like AEW. WWE did this with TNA all the time release the deadweight hoping for my rivial to pick them up and push the ex WWE guys more then building my own stars.

  • Rinn13

    Well, sadly, TJP got a nice taste of what “WWE Stardom” can often look like for indie wrestlers. Everyone wants to go to NXT, but as soon as you’re put on the main roster, they do nothing with you.

    In his case, they had him win the CC, made a big deal out of it/him, and within months he was languishing doing next to nothing on 205 Live. A real waste of legitimately one of the best active wrestlers today.

  • CC

    All good wrestlers, but the only one truly wasted was KENTA .. the guy is a huge deal in Japan and should have been used better. Yes injury probably played the biggest part in his loss of momentum, but the fact WWE did not use him well once he returned and relegated him to 205 Live kinda said what they felt about him.

    TJP is a good wrestler, but personality wise he just felt very vanilla.

    Dillinger, once again a good wrestler, but for me his gimmick worked really well in NXT but like so many, once you move to the main roster it just does not translate.

    They certainly could have adapted and pushed him in a different way, but like so many he was brought up with no plan in place.

    Sadly because of this poor use of all of them, they will not be missed by most WWE fans.

    All that said, working for WWE has done TJP and Dillinger a hell of a lot of good for their careers going forwards as working for them has actually raised their value no end. KENTA was already a huge established name, but those two being smaller indy guys can now probably get a much better deal than they would have been able to get before joining WWE, so it is not all bad.

  • Josh

    Give me an A then give me an E and now give me a W 🙂