AEW Fan Who Jumped Chris Jericho Name Revealed

The AEW fan who jumped Chris Jericho and MJF has been identified on Twitter as ‘Fat Bastard.’ He tweeted Jim Cornette, “@TheJimCornette @GreatBrianLast, how did you like my #AEW debut? I did this for all of us real wrestling fans, wrestling is no longer a safe space for friends to dance around and play dress up. Reality can hit at anytime, did they think it is going to be fucking playtime forever?”

WWE star Charlotte Flair is set to make an appearance for her episode of WWE Most Wanted Treasures with a couple of important items from her already legendary career.

It is noted that The Queen was the last ever WWE Divas Champion. She recently revealed that the box that carried the championship title was lost, much like Chris Jericho did the the AEW title belt in 2019. Jimmy Uso ‘Angers’ WWE Star After Arrest

Charlotte Flair reveals how she lost the WWE Divas title

Flair recently spoke on the Week In Geek Radio Show and revealed that the box carrying the championship was missed placed while she was moving back to Florida from North Carolina. She also said that is the one piece that she misses a lot.

“Two years ago, or maybe a little over two years ago, I moved back from North Carolina to Florida and I had the Divas Championship packed in a box and that box is gone. So whoever has it, please give it back or ship it back. That’s been the one piece that went missing that I miss,” she recalled.

Like her father Ric Flair, the former WWE Raw Women’s Champion also wears the signature robe. She spoke about which items from her career she thinks would mean a lot on a show such as Most Wanted Treasures.

She said that the robe that she wore at WrestleMania 32, her first ever WrestleMania and the retirement of the Divas Championship, would likely be the ones worthy to get featured. She said:

“If I had to guess probably the first robe that I ever wore and made for WrestleMania 32, just because the robe actually had pieces of my dad’s retirement robe [from WrestleMania 24] against Shawn Michaels in it, and the gears. So that has to be my most classic and I think a lot of people associate the color blue with me because of it. So I’d have to say that robe.”

Charlotte is currently in a feud with WWE Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley and eyeing to reclaim the title at Money In The Bank pay-per-view.

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