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WWE repackaging former WWE Champion?


  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    It’s a shame, and this close to Mania. He is such an awesome character, but yet again, WWE didn’t capitalize when he was red hot. Hopefully he will show up at Mania in some form or another…

  • So he won’t get to be part of Mania and the payday that comes with it? That is BS.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Keep him off TV until after Mania and let the stink of bad booking wear off. Give him a real push when he returns in a couple months

  • The Truth

    The only problem with the Bray Wyatt character was his booking. Don’t bring back Husky Harris or give him some other name. This guy survived being Husky Harris and even beat out any “Husky Harris” cheers when he became Bray Wyatt, I doubt that lightning will strike twice.