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WWE reportedly tried to buy Japanese promotion for NXT Japan

Launching NXT UK was only the first move in WWE’s global expansion plans and now that the brand has created an identity for itself, it appears that the company is gearing up for another big move.

There have been lots of speculation of the promotion launching an NXT Japan brand in future and while talking about the matter, Dave Meltzer provided some interesting updates.

The Wrestling Journalist revealed that the company is already making move towards launching NXT Japan and they recently tried to buy Japanese promotion Pro Wrestling NOAH for the same:

“They’re definitely working on it. They’ve talked to a number of companies in Japan. They’ve tried to buy companies in Japan. I don’t know of any deals that have gone through. The ones I’ve heard about didn’t go through. They wanted to buy NOAH, so it didn’t go through.”

Meltzer also went on to reveal that the company is also considering some big names to be hired as trainers for the brand and while he didn’t reveal any names, the Journalist did note that WWE is making serious moves to launch their Japan brand.

  • Again, there doesn’t need to be any of these international NXT brands. It’s pointless. Like I said, WWE literally trying to eventually push all the local promotions out of their own territories. They want to take over UK wrestling. Now they want to take over Japan? And I’m sure Mexico is on the agenda, etc. It’s gross.

    Thankfully, the bigger Japanese promotions (Noah, All Japan, New Japan, even something like Michinoku Pro), aren’t going to go for it. The Japanese wrestling scene is strong, and they’re proud of their companies.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Well we all knew NXT Japan was coming soon. NXT has become very global.