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WWE SmackDown Live Results (2/12)

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  • StocktonJoe

    It felt to me like foreshadowing a split betwen Nia and Tamina.

  • CC

    While the final match was great (well up until the crappy end), this show felt somewhat hollow only having two matches.
    Once again the show was padded out with two promo’s (Charlotte and McMiz/Usos) and no sign of either the US champion or womens champion. Sadly, due to all the hype around the Raw womens title right now, it seems Asuka is going the same way Nakamura went when he won the US title.

    Could we have not foregone the horrible Miz TV section and had an actual match for someone else?
    Did we really need such a lengthy Charlotte promo considering WM is still two months away and there is plenty of time to continue building that storyline?

    I also do not get why the womens tag match is to decide who starts their chamber match and the mens match is to see who is last in the match. Really did not need both of these matches. Would rather it was just left to “random chance” (Kayfabe style).

    One thing WWE has not mentioned though, is do Jax and Tamina have a bigger pod than anyone else 😉
    And on the subject of those two. That video of them talking about the chamber was painful to watch. Tamina looked as lost as always and every time she opened her mouth she got talked over by Jax.