WWE Star Bails Out Fired Wrestler After Arrest

The former NXT star Velveteen Dream has been a controversial figure. He was a popular star on the brand in the past. His gimmick and in-ring skills helped him gain huge popularity. However, he was also a subject of controversy when he found himself at the end of allegations. There have been multiple allegations against the Velveteen Dream. He has been eyeing for a return to WWE. However, he has once found himself in trouble which is connected to a drug case he caught last year.



Hit Row member bails out Velveteen Dream from jail

It has come to light that Hit Row member Ashante “Thee” Adonis put up the money to bail him out of jail on multiple occasions.

According to online court records, Clark is charged with first-degree misdemeanor counts of battery and trespassing. The charges were filed with the Orange County, Florida courts on August 20. Details on the allegations were not available late Monday night. Under “Marsy’s Law,” alleged victims in Florida can request that certain court documents be kept confidential.

Clark was arrested by Orlando Police and taken to the Orange County Jail. He was released after posting $1,200 cash bond on August 22. Clark’s first court appearance was to be an arraignment scheduled for September 28. However, his lawyer submitted a written plea of not guilty and waived his arraignment.

PWInsider has further noted that he was also arrested on 8/26 for an out of county warrant for “possession of drug paraphernalia”  in Florida. He is currently listed as incarcerated at Orange County Jail in Orlando.  The details behind the original warrant and the circumstances of Clark’s arrest are not yet clear. He allegedly had cocaine and destroyed evidence.

A search of the Orange County (where Orlando is located) public records website shows that Friday’s arrest isn’t the only time Dream was charged with a crime this month. It appears Friday’s Out-Of-County Warrant arrest is tied to a significant drug case he caught last year, and now Dream could be facing some time in state prison.

Records show that Dream was also arrested on Saturday, August 20 by the Orlando Police Department. He was charged then with First Degree Battery, a misdemeanor, and First Degree Trespassing On Property After Warning, also a misdemeanor.

The bond paperwork lists Adonis’ Orlando address, while Clark’s address is listed as Temple Hills, Maryland, where he is from. Adonis, listed as the Depositor, posted $200 for Dream’s Trespassing charge, and $1,000 for his Battery charge. The bond was taken at 10:22am ET on that Monday morning, at the Orange County Jail in Orlando, where Dream was briefly incarcerated.

The cash bond is put up as security for Dream’s court appearance, which at the time was just listed for September 28. It is not clear why that September 28 court date is now listed as canceled, but Adonis basically signed to guarantee that Dream would show up for any and all court dates, and if he did, then Adonis would be returned the money, but if Dream failed to show up for court, then Adonis agreed to forfeit the cash bond.

While Dream’s September 28 court date is currently listed as canceled, both of his bonds are still listed as active. It’s possible that a new court date is updated soon. Regarding the September 28 cancellation, that may be due to other charges that Dream caught in the State of Florida,

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