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WWE Super ShowDown Results (6/7): Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  • KillSwitchTheBitch

    Boy, am I ever a piece of shiit or what?

  • WTF

    Since some idiot decided to delete my post, I’ll just repost my notes from the live crowd.

    *A group of men chased the Revival through the streets after the show, trying to kill them because they’re gay. You know, because they hugged.
    *The Usos were threatened to have their feet cut off after showing the bottoms of their shoes while doing superkicks.
    *Goldberg had to go into hiding after the crowd found out they had allowed a Jew into their country not shackled.
    *When Balor come out, the women and children cried hysterically, afraid that the jinn would consume their souls. The men brandished their scimitars to try and ward off Balor.

  • CC

    This was not a bad show overall. Yeah it had some sucky moments, but overall for what it was, a glorified house show, it was not that bad.
    Trying to market it as equal to or better than WrestleMania has to be one of WWE’s biggest “WTF” moments right now though.

    The end of the battle royal was cheesy as hell, but it was nice to see the mix of guys that were the final six.
    The Taker/Goldberg match was a dud due to Goldberg concussing himself before the match and really should have gone a lot shorter, just like a classic Goldberg match.
    Kofi/Ziggler, Balor/Andrade & HHH/Orton were all decent matches. Rollins/Corbin could have been better, but Rollins did all he could to make the match look good (the curb stomp to Lesnar on the briefcase was awesome though). Lashley/Strowman & Reigns/McMahon are both best forgotten.

  • Mike the Ike

    Doesn’t matter. A bad match is a bad match. Taker can’t even bend his legs and looks like he can’t even bench 50lbs.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Except it wasn’t on Undertaker, Goldberg got concussed and thought he could continue

  • Mike the Ike

    Undertaker had no business winning that match. Hope you enjoy that blood money, dead man, you’ve embarrassed yourself again in what will surely be the worst match of the year, hot off the heels of that turd you laid at crown jewel, the worst match of 2018.

  • Dirt McGirt

    Notes from those in attendance:
    *A group of men chased after the Revival after the show to try to kill them for being homosexuals. You know, because they hugged.
    *The Usos were threatened with having their feet chopped off for showing the bottom of their shoes when doing superkicks
    *Women and children in the crowd cried hysterically when Balor came out, afraid that the jinn would eat their souls. The men in the crowd brandished their scimitars in order to scare him off.

  • Brad Grillakis

    Didn’t watch the show but as a Goldberg fan and I met him for a signing in the 90’s when I was little, awesome person nice and approachable, the clip on youtube, his jacknife almost crippled the Undertaker literally. 2 of my favorite wrestlers. Both needs to retire from in-ring wrestling.