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WWE wants AJ Styles hitting Vince McMahon to be forgotten by fans

AJ Styles punched Vince McMahon on the Christmas edition of Smackdown Live, last year. This segment was definitely a surprise for a lot of people.

AJ broke his silence the following week on the New Year’s edition of Smackdown Live, which was pre-taped, where he said he was not going to apologize. However, the story was completely dropped after that.

On Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray said that when WWE does not bring anything up for two weeks, it means that the company wants fans to forget about it even happening.

“When WWE doesn’t follow up on something it normally tells me that they want us to forget about it. So I haven’t seen Vince even gently remind AJ of, ‘Don’t forget son, I know there’s an animal raging inside of there.’ We’re not getting anything from him.”

“He stood in the ring with AJ Styles [this week on SmackDown Live] and they did the promo and the back-and-forth, and did that promo really get us anywhere and anything?”

Perhaps WWE will suddenly remind fans that AJ Styles punched Vince McMahon, though that seems unlikely now. After all, Vince stood in the ring with Styles this week, for a long time and did not even mention Styles punching McMahon even once.

  • Soulshroude

    Harrison, this article reads like a bad “Yahoo” fake news article, including the title. Where is the fact that WWE “wants” people to forget about what happened? Has the WWE stated this? Until that happens, this article is strictly and OPINION piece and not based on real news.

  • Will Henderson

    yeah, having one of your top talent attacking a elderly man (even if it’s Vince McMahon) does not look good out of context.