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Latest on the GFW-Broken Matt Hardy situation

Broken Matt Hardy GFW

In the past week, we have heard conflicting reports about the ownership of the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick. Though now a report from Pwinsider might have shed some light on the situation.

According to the site, GFW and Matt Hardy did reach an agreement which would allow the Hardy Boyz to finally bring the Broken Universe into WWE programming.

However, the catch is that this settlement was allegedly verbal and the Impact President Ed Nordholm has not signed the agreement sent to Anthem by Hardy’s lawyers.

Further, it has been speculated that Jeff Jarrett’s recent comments regarding the ownership of the gimmick might be an indication that the company may not sign the agreement at all.

If so, then Hardys’ will reportedly be left with only one option – to file a lawsuit against Anthem on the basis that their contracts were breached during Dixie Carter’s reign as president.

If these reports are true, then it clears things about Hardy’s recent comments stating that they were ‘days away’ from winning the war and Ruby Hardy’s claims that they have already reached an agreement.

This also goes well with various comments of Impact Officials that they still own the rights to the Broken Universe, since the agreement has not been signed.

  • D2K

    The longer this stretches out, the more media exposure they can receive to their fledgling-brand. That is why they are going down kicking and screaming. Controversy creates cash. They don’t have any legal claim over the ‘Broken Hardy’ IP, they never did, and never will. They are just using technicalities to prolong the inevitable.

    Vince would never have even brought the Hardy’s back, much less let them tease the gimmick on live TV if he didn’t know he could use it at some point SOON to make WWE money. Vince may be completely out of touch with the product itself, but he is still a shrewd business-man.

  • Nicholas2778

    This really make TNA, Global Wrestling or what every name they are calling it look bad. Because they never came up with the gimmick Matt Hardy did for me they should let the broken gimmick go. This is not a case they can win in fact it just another nail in the coffin of an already dead company.

  • Darrin Tyler

    What a mess…