AJ Lee talks about her bipolar disorder

During a recent interview with Jim Norton and Sam Roberts Show former WWE Diva’s Champion, AJ Lee opened up about her bipolar disorder among other things. Below are some of the highlights from her interview:



Talking about her disorder, Lee revealed that it runs in her family and said that she was diagnosed with it at a young age of 20 years:

“Yeah, it runs in my family, bipolar disorder does, depression does. My brother’s a soldier. He has PTSD. It’s something we’re more susceptible to and I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder around 19 [or] 20 [years of age].”

On the topic of whether or not CM Punk knew about her problem before they started dating, AJ said that they were good friends before they became a couple and so he knew about her condition:

“We were really good friends for a long time before we ever dated, so he knew. He knew what he was getting into, I like to say! It would have been great I didn’t tell him, and we got married and I’m like, ‘ha! You bought this!'”

Apart from this, AJ Lee also talked about how CM Punk tries to cheer her up during her depressive cycles and more. It’s worth mentioning here that during the same interview, Lee revealed CM Punk’s reaction to his UFC debut loss which you can check out here.

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