Alexa Bliss Debuts New ‘Fiend’ Look In Photo

Alexa Bliss has shown off a new look for her ‘Fiend’ type Playground character, as seen in the photo below. Her former partner Bray Wyatt has been off TV again for over a month.



Another top WWE Raw star, who left a few months ago, Andrade made his surprising AEW debut on this week’s edition of Dynamite. He was introduced by Vickie Guerrero and fans were shocked to see El Idolo make his way to the ring.

Jim Cornette lambastes the AEW debut of Andrade

The former WWE United States Champion’s debut got a positive reaction from the crowd. But, it seems that Jim Cornette is not impressed with his debut. Rey Mysterio Major WWE Title Spoiler Leaks

Jim Cornette recently shared his thoughts on Andrade’s AEW debut and the clip was uploaded to his official YouTube channel.

Here is what he had to say about the debut:

“He’s here to be the face of Latinos and the face of AEW. He’s got a thick accent that you can barely understand so he needs a manager. But Vickie Guerrero? What are her manager qualifications? Every three months she comes down to the ring with Nyla Rose, and Nyla Rose gets beat. And she couldn’t sign Jade Cargill and we don’t see her for months at a time unless she’s on the floor with the paid fans, f**king singing Judas. But suddenly now, I guess because she speaks Spanish, so somehow they go together like peanut butter & jelly” said Cornette.

“Another false start for this guy. We pigeonhole him in one direction and then six months later they try to push him seriously.”

“If you would have said in advance, Andrade would be on the show Friday night, who cares?”

El Idolo had a fine run in WWE and now we will see how his time in AEW goes.

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