Bayley on one year of her Championship and feud with Sasha Banks

Bayley completes 365 days as the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion on October 11, 2020.



As she approaches the one-year mark of her title reign, Bayley reflected on her Championship and current rivalry with Sasha Banks in an interview with Sports Illustrated. It was posted a few hours before last night episode of WWE SmackDown.

Bayley on her title reign

The pandemic era saw Bayley really step up her game and turn things around for herself. She was asked in the interview to pick one accomplishment that she was most proud of from these past few months.

“I don’t know if I could pick out just one thing. This whole pandemic era, Performance Center era, doing shows in front of no one, wrestling in front of no one, we did promos in front of no one. I think that showed a lot. That showed how well we come together as a team at WWE.”

However, Bayley said that the uncertain circumstances came as a “blessing in disguise” for her – one that she used to her benefit.

“For me, it was a blessing in disguise. I started realizing I could use this to my benefit by focusing on myself. That’s the first time in my career I was able to really grow and find out a lot about myself for the better. I’d held myself back too long trying to be a people-pleaser and a fan-pleaser, so I’m grateful for the chance to show the world, this company, the fans, and Sasha Banks that I was capable of this all along. Now it’s finally showing through, where I’m about to come up on a 365-day championship reign. I’m putting in the work every single week. I’m very proud of this.”

On rivalry with Sasha Banks

Bayley said that as the SmackDown Champion, she would not be drafted to RAW. But Sasha Banks can go for all she cares. Either way, she is confident about retaining her title for 500 more days.

“I can’t get drafted to RAW if I am the SmackDown women’s champion. That would make no sense. Maybe Sasha will get drafted right away to Raw, and that saves me a match. Or she’ll have to go as a loser after she wrestles me. Either way, I’ll be SmackDown women’s champion for another 500 days.”

SmackDown has retained Sasha Banks, as announced on Night One of WWE Draft yesterday.

Bayley and Sasha faced off on last night’s SmackDown for the Women’s Championship. The Champion retained the title by disqualifying herself when she hit Sasha with a steel chair. Later, Sasha cut a promo backstage, announcing a Hell in a Cell match between the two.

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