Big E Reveals Why John Cena Left WWE

WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E has been on the receiving end of a huge push as a singles star, ever since he was separated from the New Day during last year’s edition of the WWE Draft, and some see him following John Cena’s path. Big E has certainly changed considerably in character, from his early days as Dolph Ziggler’s silent enforcer. A Nikki Bella ‘bedroom’ claim will anger John Cena.



Big E arguably has the best personality in all of WWE and it seems he might want to take that to the Silver Screen as well one day, discussing John Cena and The Rock leaving for greener pastures. Big E recently spoke to the Hollywood Raw podcast, where he was asked about the possibility of going to Hollywood.

“It’s something I’m open to, but often times people are like, ‘Hey, you want to go to Hollywood like The Rock or John Cena?’ Yeah, I’ll just be the next Rock, no problem. It’s easier said than done. I started wrestling because I love the athletic side of it, but over the last couple of years I’ve really loved entertaining. If I can continue to find ways to do that and it feels right, I would love to (go to Hollywood). We’ll see. My whole thing is to just being open to whatever comes,”

Big E also talked about how working in WWE improved his acting chops.

“WWE did hire an acting coach and I just finished a book by Howard Fine on acting. There’s an element of that, for sure. For me, what helped was just loosening up. I had this notion of being big and tough for so long that I didn’t let go. I was still inhibited, but with New Day, because we are so goofy and colorful, it allowed me to open up. Oftentimes I’ve said I’m my most comfortable when I’m in the ring. I feel like I can do anything. Oftentimes, we have to hide behind a character. If Ewan is obnoxious, then it feels personal, but when I’m Big E and he’s obnoxious, then it’s just a character. I love being able to hide behind a character that can do no wrong.”

h/t to Fightful for the transcription.

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