Bruce Prichard Reacts To Big Show Quitting WWE

When it comes to certainly comes to All Elite Wrestling Bruce Prichard, the Executive Producer of WWE Monday Night Raw and WWE Smackdown tries to be as tight lipped as he possibly can be. Although Prichard had something to say when he learned that AEW Chairman Tony Khan won best booker for the Wrestling Observer Awards when pressed by co-host, Conrad Thompson.  A top WWE diva recently reacted to this Bruce Prichard disrespect.



During one of the most recent editions of the ever popular ‘Something to Wrestle With’ podcasts though, Thompson pressed Prichard on another major event that took place within the world of All Elite Wrestling – the signing of Paul Wight, the former Big Show in WWE. During this, Prichard only had to say “I wish him nothing but the best.”. However, the fact that it was even addressed at all is certainly head-turning.

In other news regarding Bruce Prichard, in discussing the legendary career of The Undertaker on Something to Wrestle With, Prichard revealed why he was eventually phased out as the character’s manager. Prichard made the following remarks. It was also newly learned that Bruce Prichard ‘replaced’ this big name WWE writer. 

“It was a decision that I made,” Prichard said. “I was given the choice, I decided I wanted to focus more backstage and the Undertaker character needed somebody on the road with him full time for that package to really work. Paul Bearer’s character was a much better manager for Undertaker than Brother Love.

“The Undertaker needed someone to care for him, and needed someone to devote their entire life to The Undertaker and the care of The Undertaker. Who better than Paul Bearer? Brother Love had so much more to do by spreading the word of love that he couldn’t devote to just one person.”

Credit to Wrestling Inc. for the quotes.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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