Brock Lesnar ‘Demand’ To Fired WWE Star Leaks

The man on top of all things sports and sports entertainment – BROCK LESNAR (insert Paul Heyman shrieking). It’s no shock to you or I that Brock has gotten many contracts sent his way. Of course, Brock has only signed very few contractual agreements in his day as he has been a mainstay with WWE as far as professional wrestling goes. Brock did however have a run elsewhere that not many speak about. He also had his fair share of having to turn down companies. Sting ‘Removed’ From AEW Dynamite.



The latest episode of “The Kurt Angle Show” had the main focus on Judgment Day 2006, where Kurt Angle took on Mark Henry. Angle and Conrad Thompson also discussed other news and notes from 2006, and that’s when Brock Lesnar’s name came up.

Kurt Angle spoke about Lesnar’s attitude towards the business. He discussed how Lesnar tried to secure a big match with Angle outside WWE in the mid-2000s.

Angle stated that Brock Lesnar was an intelligent businessman who always prioritized money over his passions.

Angle said: “So he brought me over (to Japan), right, and did the job for me, and then he wanted to have the rematch (laughs) because he wanted to make more money. Brock is all about money, and he is a very stern businessman. Everything is revolved around money for him. It’s money first, passion, second.”

Brock had left WWE in 2004, and he had a very lucrative run in Japan before he turned his attention to MMA. Kurt Angle revealed that Lesnar approached him regarding wrestling a match in Japan.

Lesnar played a significant role in getting the Olympic gold medalist to Japan. The two grapplers faced each other at IGF (Inoki Genome Federation) Toukon Bom-Ba Ye in June 2007.

Kurt Angle defeated Brock Lesnar to become the IWGP Heavyweight Champion, and Lesnar had no problems about doing the job for Angle as he had his eyes on the rematch.

Brock is stated to have pocketed a lot of money in Japan.

Angle finished with: “Well, Brock did approach me about working with him in Japan, and I ended up going over for NJPW, and I had a match with Brock. We had a phenomenal match over there, and I won the world title from him, NJPW, New Japan Pro Wrestling world title.”

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